Letters to the Editor: June 29, 2012

Council controversy

 Many following the controversy see inconsistency between the 6-5 vote the video depicts, shown by Andrew Audet two years ago to the Planning Commission, and during oral communications on May 23, and later statements made about “consensus” by Peder Norby in May 24 and May 25 emails to Council, after Mayor Jerome Stocks improperly and indefinitely “tabled” the Norby contract agenda item on May 9.

At the June 13 council meeting, staff was directed to immediately begin audio recordings of future ERAC meetings, which, inexplicably, wasn’t being done with Norby as “facilitator.” I’m now informed that the audio of the latest ERAC meeting, after staff was given direction to resume recording, was inadvertently “taped over.” Inexcusable! City staff is responsible!

Many do respect and agree with Andrew Audet’s perspective. While Audet isn’t running for office, Stocks IS running for his FOURTH TERM, again using hyperbole and deceptive rhetoric to advance his political agenda.

Councilmember Kristin Gaspar avoided Audet’s direct question to her re: a June 9 UT article, which she had previously questioned Audet about at the June13 council meeting. On June 20, when the Norby agenda item was finally heard, Gaspar INSISTED no threats of lawsuits were made by ANYONE from the City, yet the June 9 UT article clearly shows Stocks advancing threats of legal action, referring to Norby’s May 24 email to Council, which actually contains no mention of potential lawsuits.

This threat, through Stocks constitutes hearsay: the UT reporter paraphrases Stocks who falsely portrays Norby’s letter to Council.

Stocks was arrogant and bullying when he interrupted Audet’s June 20 question to Gaspar by his declaration, “you aren’t here to cross-examine Council!” Councilmember Teresa Barth was also bullied by Stocks’ dismissive refusal to her (and Tony Kranz’) request for an agenda item dealing with Encinitas’ anticipated response to the Grand Jury report on Leucadia flooding.

Lynn Marr,


Voices heard

Four months ago North County conservation groups set out to convince Carlsbad to set aside funds for the acquisition of natural open space, in particular Buena Vista Creek Valley. Tuesday night (June 26) part of that goal was met when the city council unanimously endorsed Keith Blackburn’s proposal to use $5.3 million in general reserves for open space and trails. Twenty-five impassioned speakers presented various points of view on the value of preserving our natural habitats.

As a lead-up to the council meeting, over 2,700 petition signatures had been collected, 37 letters sent to local newspapers, dozens of local organizations and businesses had signed on as supporters of the campaign and over 200 postcards were written by residents all in the hopes of securing the funding hoped for 10 years ago with the passage of Proposition C. Thank you Carlsbad City Council for hearing us.

More importantly, thanks go to all those participating tirelessly to make this success happen. Our next task is to ensure that these funds are used for what citizens envision as natural open space — our coastal sage scrub and chaparral habitats — and that all of the Buena Vista Creek Valley is preserved for future generations.

Paige DeCino,




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