Carlsbad’s Catch, offers a reason to celebrate

Carlsbad’s Catch, offers a reason to celebrate

You may have heard the term sustainable seafood, but what do you really know about it? It’s a movement that embraces environmentally responsible fishing and fish farming (aquaculture) and urges the fishing industry, suppliers, retailers and restaurants to communicate and, more importantly, work together to protect the health of our oceans. Locally, this movement has surfaced at Carlsbad’s Catch seafood restaurant where you can relax in the playful ocean décor, and savor the fresh fish delivered daily, but also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that this restaurant is doing the right thing as a sustainable seafood partner.When it comes to local seafood restaurants, Catch is unique in its outgoing approach to the topic of sustainable seafood. Unlike other notable local eateries serving seafood, Catch proudly advocates the philosophy, listing it prominently on its website, social media portals and marketing materials.Mayur Pavagadhi, president of Catch, cast the sustainable seafood concept front and center when he and Operating Partner Steve Barr first developed the concept for their new restaurant more than a year ago. Pavagadhi and Barr are passionate about amazing food and impeccable service, but they also love the ocean and wanted to ensure that Catch embodied the principles of the sustainable seafood movement.“It’s more than a phrase or popular cause,” said Pavagadhi. “It’s a necessity, and everyone involved with catching, supplying, selling or serving seafood needs to be part of this movement,” he added.

And, it seems they are. Several steps have been taken that are making a tangible difference. Some areas have been closed to fishing, certain types of fishing gear have been restricted, and many major supermarket chains have adopted principles of sustainability for their seafood purchases.

According to the 2011 “State of Our Oceans” report recently released by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, “The good news is that fishermen and consumers, businesses and governments are charting new courses and cooperating in new ways to address the problems our oceans and fishing communities face.”

The practice of getting our seafood from fish farms, known as aquaculture, has also exploded. In 1950, less than 1 million tons of fish were farmed per year. By 2020, it is projected that humans will soon eat more seafood from farms than from the oceans.

By total volume, the United States is the third-largest seafood consumer in the world, trailing Japan and far behind China. America depends on imports to supply its seafood. Our favorites? The most popular item in the United States is shrimp, followed by tuna (canned), salmon, pollock and tilapia.

Open for only six months, Catch will be celebrating its first summer in Carlsbad, and with that will come many promotions. These include an intriguing Sake-pairing dinner, sushi making classes and an exciting new partnership with the New Village Arts Theatre.

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Catch offers a trio dining experience with a summer outside patio, relaxing dining room, or an engaging sushi bar where ancient technique meets lively sake toasts. This is where delicate masterpieces are created right before your eyes by chefs who take great pride in their craft. It is also the place to get the best mouth-watering, Panko-crusted calamari steaks (not rings), fish and chips and fish tacos.

The bar is a popular gathering place for locals; from surfers to surgeons who enjoy its modern feel and relaxed drink prices. Wine and all houses “Catchy Cocktails” are always $7/glass, and all of the intriguing bottles of wines can be purchased for only $24. These wines are handpicked by the specialty wine store manager at Paon, which is the sister restaurant to Catch located just across the street on Roosevelt. And with summer upon us, the newly constructed patio seating area will be a sought-after refuge where you can enjoy amazing seafood and great mixology.

So the next time you get an urge for seafood or sushi, come to Catch. We look forward to being your new favorite seafood restaurant.

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