Carlsbad Elite GU14s wins big

Carlsbad Elite GU14s wins big
The Carlsbad Elite GU14s dominates the soccer field these last few weeks ending it with a Cal South’s National State Cup. From left to right back row :Coach Duggan, Elysa Briens, Maranda Martinez, Hanna Ward, Sunny Dunphy, Emilt Sanchez, Shelby Cormier, Kerry Kuhnert, Rachel Ereso, and Marisa Zambetti. Front Row : Hayley Mayne, Karsyn Hasch, Piercy Robinson, Kallie Kampfl, Danny Baldwin, Natalie Rocha. Front and center: Veronica Romines. Courtesy photo

CARLSBAD — The Carlsbad Elite GU14s has dominated the soccer field these last few weeks ending it with a Cal South’s National State Cup. 

And this was no easy achievement.

The soccer team consists of 16 girls who are 14 years of age, have been playing back-to-back weekends, and earned a trip to Lancaster to compete in the finals.

Carlsbad Elite GU14s started as one of the 64 top teams in Cal South and the girls’ ongoing dedication created winning results.

“It’s hard to put into words, but these girls are fantastic role models to all the young players we have at this club,” said Michael Duggan, director of coaching for the team. “And not just on the field but off it, too.”

Marisa Zambetti also serves as coach for the team.

Duggan pointed out that now that his team has won Cal South, they will advance to the regionals as the “No. 1 Seed.” The girls will be vying for more wins and their competitors will be teams who won their own state cups. Some of these states will include New Mexico, Nevada, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington and Colorado.

Duggan said he believes the reason their team became so successful was due to their hard work and teamwork.

It takes money to get the girls to their “competition destinations.” And their sponsorships, garage sales, and November Nights College Showcase Tournament make these trips and everything in between possible.

“I would like to thank all the parents for all their support and dedication — without them, these kids would never be able to reach their goals,” he said. “As I always say, there is team on the field and a team off it supporting each other all the way.”



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