TripAdvisor gives hotel high marks

CARLSBAD — West Inn & Suites in Carlsbad did it again. TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice annual awards honored the independent, boutique hotel with two very prestigious wins in April. The first of the 2012 awards fell into the category of “Top 25 Small Hotels & Motels for Families in the World,” and the other, “Top 25 Small Hotels & Motels for Families in the United States.”Although West Inn & Suites is no stranger to these TripAdvisor awards, they are still quite humbled by the continued acknowledgement.“We were hoping to be mentioned again just because we have held a title and known for being number one in Carlsbad since TripAdvisor first came on the scene,” said Kim Akers, vice president at West Hospitality. “So with that in mind, we were waiting with bated breath just trying to find out when they were going to make the announcements.”

Kim Akers courtesy photo

Akers pointed out that at one point West Inn & Suites was number three in the nation, number one in Carlsbad, and number five internationally.

The boutique hotel, Akers added, does not sign up for any consideration for an award. It is done independently where millions of “real travelers” cast in their reviews throughout the year. From those reviews, TripAdvisor filters out the world’s most distinguished hotels. And West Inn & Suites has made a mark for itself time and time again.

Akers said the owners are thrilled with the awards.

“They would have never thought building this hotel, and me either when I first came on-board, that in between a train track and freeway we would ever win awards like this,” said Akers, noting how other nearby hotels have sent their congratulations.

In addition to the numerous TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice wins, it has won honors with California Hotel & Lodging Association and American Hotel & Lodging Association.

Akers said she believes these prestigious awards have to do with how their hotel staff works with heart. “It’s a philosophy we have,” she said. “We want people to have a good stay and we have provided an amazing hotel to do it in.”

Their double guest rooms, Akers said, has two king beds which is practically unheard of. This room feature makes it very family-friendly.

Akers said the establishment, also pet friendly, has often been referred to as the mini Four Seasons.

Another large draw for guests is their well-known restaurants, Bistro West and West Steak and Seafood.

Just recently, the West Hospitality has become affiliated with Stash Rewards. The best independent hotels across the nation may sign on when they have earned specific ratings on TripAdvisor. Akers said that travelers can take part in 180 other boutique hotels and earn and redeem points for complimentary nights.

The West Inn & Suites caters to both leisure and corporate clients. And its percentages have consistently been split down the middle since they opened in 2006. Akers said their establishment isn’t for everyone because it isn’t a resort facility nor do they have a spa or golf course on site. But still, guests return often and their award ratings remain at the top-tier.

“I think it’s because we carry out the right message in how our owners would want us to behave,” Akers said.


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