A note from the Publisher

The Coast News Group, which publishes The Coast News and the Rancho Santa Fe News is undergoing three changes that it would like to let its readers know about: 

No.1: On March 29 The Coast News Group made the decision to charge a small fee to access all editorial content on both its websites. The one charge covers both The Rancho Santa Fe news and The Coast News sites.

On an annual basis the cost is only 94 cents a week.

The decision was made to offset the cost of maintaining the sites. The decision came after years of trying various other ways of monetizing the websites.

All of the articles, features, commentaries and columns that are found in the paper edition will remain, as they have been for the past 25 years, free on newsstands each Friday.

The hope is that with the online subscription fees, subscribers can help The Coast News Group to continue covering the North County coastal communities for the next 25 years and beyond.

No. 2: The Coast News Group is announcing that it will also no longer carry ads promoting home delivery or retail store ads for medical marijuana. We have reason to believe that the many abuses of the trade could lead to adversely affecting the health and well being of our youth.

No. 3: A new feature that aims to help businesses in the community and The Coast News Group readers is the online “Coast News Deals.” This feature offers some of the best deals from businesses throughout North County coastal communities.

The really great part of this system is that the “deals” are hyper local. The software that powers our system is unique to us as are the “deals.” Advertisers who are interested can go to our web site and click on the “deal” banner ad. At the very bottom of the “deal” page there is a link called “submit a deal.” Just click on it and follow the instructions.

It’s absolutely free. Remember, the better the deal the better the response.

Jim Kydd,



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