Carlsbad bestows day on war veterans

CARLSBAD — The City of Carlsbad presented a Proclamation during its recent city council meeting.

Members of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Chapter 493 of San Diego North County retired Gy. Sgt. U.S.M.C Franklin Moravec and Commander of Chapter 493, Milton Taylor Photo by Christina Macone-Greene

The date of April 24, 2012 was designated in where the city of Carlsbad would remember and appreciate veterans, which received Purple Heart medals.

Mayor Matt Hall presented the Proclamation while a few members of Chapter 493 of the Military Order of the Purple Heart were there to accept the gesture of making Carlsbad a Purple Heart City.

“The people of the city of Carlsbad have great admiration and the utmost gratitude for all the men and women who have selflessly served their country in this community in the armed forces,” Hall said. “Veterans have paid the high price of freedom by leaving their families and communities and placing their lives in harm’s way for the good of all.”

Hall went on to say many of its community residents have earned the Purple Heart medal as a result of being wounded in combat.

“The contributions and sacrifices of the men and women from the city of Carlsbad who have served in the armed forces have been vital in maintaining the freedoms and the way of life we have enjoyed by our citizens,” Hall said.

Chapter 493, which encompasses North San Diego County, has about 200 members.

Milton Taylor, Commander of Chapter 493, said he was honored that the city of Carlsbad would offer such a kind act of recognition to the men and women who have been wounded or lost their lives while serving their country.


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