The Sobia’s and The Dumbo’s

By Alexander J. BalikianIn my world of science fiction two alternate universes exist. They are comprised of two kinds of supernatural creatures. A contradictory world of smart versus dumb, creative versus unimaginative, and love versus hate.

Two small molecules had to make a decision, to enter a small chamber or not. One of them went into the room and they turned into the planet Dumbtobia. The molecule that decided to stay outside became the planet Smartobia

The Sobia’s are the smart, intelligent, and creative creatures that live on a planet called Smartobia.

They are always doing science experiments that involve messing with elements, such as combining hydrogen and oxygen to create H2O with a twist of nitrogen.

Their brain functions are very complex because they have extremely good learning abilities. They are like robots where their brain operates infinite information like a computer. So they look like humans physically, but internally they are controlled like a robot. Their blood cells are actually computer chips.

On Dumbtobia, lives the Dumbos. They are 100% slower and crazier than the Sobia’s. They destroy and burn everything around them. Their universe is governed by chaos. They are constantly struggling to maintain order. They are always thinking of ways to invade Smartobia and take over.

This continued struggle to become like the Sobias makes them more frustrated and angry. Dumbtobia has a weak, dull energy source. This has deprived them from receiving the nutrients they need to move forward. In contrast, Smartobia has an incredible energy source, bigger, stronger and brighter than the sun.

There is one person on Dumbtobia called ZIGDORFIN. He is constantly thinking of ways to steal some of the energy sources of Smartobia. He has created a special machine that can make him move as fast as light and transport him to Smartobia.

After 1 million years of struggle Zigdorfin finally collects some of Smartobia’s energy source and takes it back to Dumbtobia.

Once the Dumbtobians get this improved energy source, they think they are powerful enough to beat the Smartobians once and for all…..AND THE WAR BEGINS…..

A Council of Elders at Smartobia meets to discuss what they are going to do to stop the Dumbtobians. Everyone had different ideas on how to defeat the Dumbtobians. Mr. CONFIDA, one of the smartest members of the council, suggests that they offer half of their energy source to Dumbtobia so that the universe could become smart. Everyone agrees.

These two planets shared their resources and the whole of the Universe finally became peaceful and smart.

“The Sobia’s and The Dumbo’s” is the 2nd/3rd/4th grade winner of the Solana Santa Fe Elementary School Science Fiction Writing Contest. The judging criteria included creativity, originality, scientific accuracy and writing mechanics. 25 students submitted stories and they were all fantastic! Coastal Cosmos columnist Kyle Stock is a teacher at the school.



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