iTrip is redefining industry

The vacation rental market has traditionally been a fragmented and often unreliable segment of the travel industry. This has been attributed to the inconsistency of the service experience, the absence of technology and a lack of focus by the individuals or companies involved in the industry. Fortunately, for property owners, one company is bringing a new level of focus and re-defining the service experience of the vacation rental market. Like most change in our fast paced world, technology has a lot to do with how (iTrip), an innovative vacation rental management company, is steering the $24 billion industry in a new direction and vacation property owners and consumers are taking notice.iTrip is a web-based marketing and operating system built specifically to service the needs of the vacation rental market. One area where iTrip outpaces the competition is in their global marketing capabilities, which now reaches into 90 countries. iTrip uses their expertise in search engine optimization and marketing techniques coupled with promotion capabilities built into their systems to maximize the revenue for their client’s properties. One recent booking in Newport Beach, Calif. netted a fortunate property owner $80,000 in revenue for just a two-month stay from a returning international guest.iTrip is more than a marketing machine that increases rental revenues. It also has a powerful back office operational platform to facilitate the nuances of vacation property management. iTrip developed a robust operating system by leveraging advanced internet technologies that created efficiencies and lowered the costs associated with vacation property management. This includes features like the owner’s portal, where every owner has a password protected real time view into all facets of the activity occurring in their property. When you combine the power of this turnkey technology platform with a professional local management team, becomes a triple threat in the vacation rental market.
“Like other forward-thinking companies, iTrip aims to change the course of our industry in a way that makes life easier for anyone who owns, manages or travels to vacation rental properties,” said Tom Bissmeyer, one of three founding members of iTrip.
iTrip currently manages properties that range from a condominium to a $25 million estate home and recently launched service in North County through their exclusive local affiliate, North Coast Vacation Properties. iTrip must be doing something right.
The Nashville based company grew over 260 percent last year and in the first 10 weeks of this year has already booked 70 percent of last year’s revenue. The market is changing and iTrip is changing the market.


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