Boomers are a welcome group in Mexico

I am wrapping things up for the next month or so. I even got my tax returns done early this year. I’m headed south for about 30 days this time. It’s time again to see what’s going on down on the Bay of Banderas with the other part timers. I left this morning at 5:30 to catch the Coaster to Downtown San Diego. I then hopped a trolley over to the Greyhound Station on 12th and Island and from there picked up a shuttle directly to the Tijuana airport. Piece of cake and I saved almost 50 percent going out of Mexico instead of San Diego.Baby boomers are becoming a huge part of that portion of the Mexican coastline. Americans are openly welcomed. Canadians are known down there for being a bit close to their money, but Americans are generous. We bring them growth and prosperity. With all the beautiful undeveloped land and other opportunities, Puerto Vallarta still reminds me of growing up in the ‘50s and early ‘60s in Southern California with its innocence.

I love golfing but it’s too expensive to play golf down there since they’re all resort and Championship quality courses, so I’ll be going back to being a beginning stand-up surfer over at Punta Mita with its warm turquoise water. I share an office in my part time real estate business (old habits die hard) with Ana in Punta de Mita who is a recent widow. She lost a very big part of her soul when her husband, Don, departed. He was only 50. He’s just fine in Heaven. It’s just those left behind that have to deal with the misery of losing a loved one.

My friends and partners in San Diego golfing crime, Mike White, John Pietell, Dean Chang and Jim Sullivan are getting up there. I’m the kid at 62. John’s the senior at 79. Jim Sullivan’s better half, Lisa, was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

When it starts happening to your spouse of a boatload of years, real reality seems to speed up exponential. My prayers always go out to those who remain left behind here on earth. I have learned a lot about heaven through my daughter who has a very rare and growing popular talent of learning things we all crave to know. Believe me, heaven is not clouds and harps.

It is fabulous, but you’re not allowed to rush it. You go when it is your time. That is what Lisa has chosen to do. She has decided to forgo the expensive and very painful and debilitating effects of the cancer treatments. She wants quality rather than quantity. She is at peace with the process.

I’m frugal as hell, not cheap, but careful. But letting the sun hit me in the face every day and giving a glorious thanks when I hit the hay at night seems to be just fine. I’ll let His will be done in the hours between. Until it’s time to go home, there must be a purpose. It’s a constant search. Until my next column from paradise, may peace find you, always.


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