Association recognizes Rotary for its services

Association recognizes Rotary for its services
Matt Wellhouser (left) president-elect of the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary and current president Alan Balfour talk to the Association Board at its March 15 meeting. Photo by Patty McCormac

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Club was recognized at the March 15 meeting of the Association.Alan Balfour, current president of the club, and Matt Wellhouser, president-elect, were on hand to speak to the Association about their activities.

“I’d like to start by saying, Matt, I fine you $2,” joked Association President Jack Queen.

On a serious note, Balfour told the board the group meets weekly at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe where they concentrate on helping the community and the world.

“We meet for service and we try to put service beyond self,” he said.

He said within the community the club has helped the community center and refurbished the gardens around the Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center.

“We put in a new sprinkler system, cleaned up and planted some new plants,” he said.

The club also donates to Angel Faces, the Women’s Resource Center and many other organizations.

Internationally, the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary has given funds to drill 112 fresh water wells for the people of Sudan.

“They have never had clean water,” he said. “They usually drink out of a mud puddle.”

And with the help of Rotary International, polio has been nearly eradicated.

“Our list is long and we are very proud of it,” he said.

“I like the feeling of being a Rotarian,” he said. “I like to socialize. I like the feeling of raising funds. It’s a good organization that gives you a good feel.

“Please come to lunch. The first one is on us. Maybe you would want to become a Rotarian yourself,” he said.

Also at the meeting, Director Anne Feighner gave an update on the memorial service for R. Roger Rowe, which is set for 1 p.m. March 31 at the Village Church. She said because more than 1,000 people are expected at the church, parking will be at a premium and a shuttle service will be provided. One spot to catch a bus to the service will be at the school and other places are being considered as well.

Feighner said Rowe will receive full military honors and a 21-gun salute.

In other Association business, Ivan Holler, Covenant administrator, said the RFPs on the single-family home that was recently split from the Osuna Ranch have been picked up by several realty firms and that they will recommend to the Association whether it should be sold as is or if it needs a little work before it goes on sale.

In addition, two candidates have come forward for the two upcoming vacancies on the Association board. They are Rochelle Putnam and Craig McAllister. They will speak about their candidacy at the Annual Meeting set for the second Thursday in May.


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