Letters Feb. 24

Protecting open space

For the last 5 years I have volunteered as part of the San Diego Tracking Team to help monitor wildlife movement in the Carlsbad area. This information is used by wildlife agencies to determine the effectiveness of the region’s Multiple Habitat Conservation Plan and the health of our local natural areas.As I’ve gotten more familiar with our natural open spaces, I’ve developed a great attachment to our chaparral and coastal sage scrub habitats. It is therapeutic to be able to spend time in these habitats and to do my small part to protect them.

These areas are rapidly diminishing due to ongoing development. In Carlsbad, we have precious natural open space left. Not only for the sake of our flora and fauna but for human health as well we need to protect what’s left.

The city council of Carlsbad should act now to set aside already available monies for the purchase of natural open space. The passage of Prop C in 2002 mandated such a fund and yet, to date, Carlsbad has not spent a single dime for this purpose. Mayor Hall, council members, what are you waiting for?
Paige DeCino

Mayoral snub is unfair

What Council members Muir, Gaspar and current Mayor Stocks did once again would deny Councilwoman Teresa Barth an opportunity to be Mayor, until at least 2016, if she decides to run for a third term, and if she receives the most votes for her election. No discussion of Stocks’ second substitute motion was held, either by Council, or public speakers.

The two-year term rotational alternative wasn’t on the agenda. Since appointment of Mayor is codified, part of EMC, as a one-year term selected by council majority, then in order to formally change Municipal Code a change to a two-year term must be introduced, after a full staff report, as a specific agenda item. Creating a new ordinance requires a second reading. No short cuts!

If someone is to be granted a two-year term as mayor, he or she should have to run for that position! Council members need to CHOOSE if they are willing to NOT RUN for Council, but for mayor, instead.

We know of no other city where a prerequisite for running for mayor is to have previously served on Council. “New blood” would be great for our Council! Requiring candidates to have served on council in order to run for mayor is an attempt to codify the power of incumbency.

Excellent plans for a fair rotational method, which did take into account who receives the most votes at election, were offered by Lisa Shaffer and Sheila Cameron. City attorney Sabine should have spoken up about the impropriety of the second substitute motion, without first “vetting” that plan through a staff report and a specific agenda item, addressing the two-year term, so that public speakers could participate. Never explained was why Stocks described this as an interim policy?
Lynn Marr


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