Stop the Madness

It is difficult to believe that the San Dieguito High School District board members would have the nerve to even think about a massive $450 million tax hike during a recession, let alone place a bond issue on an upcoming election. Aren’t they aware that people are still losing jobs, costs are up, interest incomes are way down, salaries are stagnant, possible increased federal and state tax discussions abound and too many are facing home foreclosures. Where is the empathy?It is sad to think that the people we elect to represent us don’t have the common sense to know that their actions will “hurt” the community far more than it will help. Those individuals who are struggling to get by will find the added taxes stifling, more homes will be lost and families and lives ruined just because some educators are too impatient to wait a bit longer.San Dieguito School Board members, you know that the majority of the items on your wish list could wait for better economic times without having a major negative impact on the education of students. Stop the madness before precious funds are spent on consultants rather than students and more damage is done.

Spare your constituents; attack the problems with the money on hand. The last thing this area needs is another citizen uprising.

Bob Bonde
Former teacher, school board member, administrator and
educational facilities planner


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