Renovation plans for Fletcher Cove receive council OK

Renovation plans for Fletcher Cove receive council OK

SOLANA BEACH — City Council approved design plans at the Feb. 8 meeting for the area south of Fletcher Cove Community Center, moving the renovation project into its third and final phase.The area is currently not considered user friendly. Pedestrians have to climb a wall from the sidewalk along Pacific Avenue to enter the site. There are paths on the milder slopes, only one flat area and no spots conducive to gathering or having a picnic.

Councilman Mike Nichols, a landscape architect, helped design the proposed improvements. The existing retaining wall along Pacific will be removed and rebuilt. A 3- to 4-foot wide decomposed granite path will be added to the existing concrete sidewalk.

Four flat terraces with concrete circular picnic tables and, if funding allows, barbecue equipment will be added.
No landscaping is planned but it can be installed later, hopefully by volunteers, as was done previously.

The Solana Beach Community Foundation has offered to fund the entire project, which has an estimated value of $33,500.

The first phase, which was completed in November 2010, was grading, the addition of a parking lot and disabled access improvements. The second phase was renovation of the building, a former World War II Army barracks that was moved to its current bluff-top location from Vista in 1944.

It was dedicated in July 2011, in time for the city’s 25th anniversary celebration.

The cost for the first two phases was approximately $370,000. Funding came from several sources, including the Americans with Disabilities Act, the redevelopment agency and donations from the Solana Beach Civic & Historical Society, the Solana Beach Community Foundation and residents Peter House and Carol Childs.

“Looks great,” said Councilman Tom Campbell, who was serving as mayor during the July 2010 groundbreaking for the project. “Can’t wait till it’s done.”

Work was scheduled to start Feb. 13. Funding is still needed. To donate, contact House at


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