Sunshine fills Rancho Santa Fe with inspiration and parties

How do you keep yourself inspired every day? Do you ever get up and think, “This is it, same thing as yesterday. How long will life continue on with this same routine?” Yes, life can be boring, methodical and sometimes just plain humdrum. What do you do when this happens? Do you decide to pity yourself? Feel like life is predictable and what is the point?I admit the reason I am writing this is because I encountered these feelings this week. Yes, I too, can find the eucalyptus trees and the design of the perfect landscape in California just a bit on the blah side. While winter is happening elsewhere in the world, we are constantly blessed with pretty amazing weather. No reason to whine about that, right?Well, we must hibernate, recharge, regroup and reinvent ourselves. Even though there are moments that can eclipse us that make us feel bored, we must remind ourselves of each and every blessing. I recently looked through some of my photos and thought, “These pictures show a beautiful life.”

I soon realized that although it’s tempting to indulge in idleness, we must stop ourselves from this pitfall. The challenge is to remain upbeat, youthful and hopeful with each new day. We may think we know what’s going to happen and that we’ve got it all figured out. However, life still remains a mystery … just like the nature of true love. With the “Month of Love” upon us, I found some fun events in and around the Ranch. Happy Valentine’s Day Rancho Santa Fe!

Around Town

On Jan. 28, Karian Forsyth, one of the top five women I love to feature in “Machel’s Ranch” held her first 2012 monthly spa party in The Crosby. On a hot Saturday afternoon, these ladies enjoyed fine pampering, good company and excellent food that day.

I turned out to be the unlucky one that at the last minute was unable to make it due to some unexpected events, which prohibited me from indulging with some of my favorite friends. I have included a stolen moment from that day that shows these women making the most of their time by sharing their souls and time with each other. How wonderful.

On Jan. 30, I received some exciting news about one my favorite friend’s family members. Claude Whitney — a superior judge in Orange County for over 30 years — turned 81 on a fabulous Sunday with his loved ones. Talk about making life fun and worth living; Claude is a black diamond skier who “Skis for Free” as he is more than 70 years old. From Skiing in Aspen and Telluride to Deer Valley, nothing is going to slow down Claude Whitney.
I have include a beautiful photo of him surrounded by his wife and loved ones. Happy birthday Claude. Meredith MacDonald is the very proud stepdaughter of Claude Whitney.

On Feb. 1, I stepped into my husband’s shoes and helped out at Lemon Twist — the flower shop/fruit-stand in the Ranch across from Cielo. While the sunny day brought in steady customers, I helped organize and figure out new exciting gifts for Valentine’s Day for locals in the Ranch. Lemon Twist is famously known for the delicious chocolate-covered strawberries, which is a mouth-watering, pleasing gift for any loved one. But did you know Lemon Twist is also a gift/floral shop with specialty items, gift baskets, orchids, caramel chocolate popcorn, and beautiful bouquets? For any questions or to order in advance, call (858) 756-0826.

Ask about the “special” for chocolate covered strawberries, too. I will be there all day on Valentine’s Day. Stop in and see us. I will have my camera to capture this wonderful holiday we love to celebrate at Lemon Twist.

On Feb. 2, I stopped in at my favorite restaurant in Rancho Santa Fe — Mille Fleurs. If you have read my column over the years then you know that this restaurant has always had a special place in my world. From amazing birthday parties to summer parties, I have enjoyed the ambience, the food and the staff at the best French restaurant in Southern California. I met briefly with Chef Martin Woesle. Chef Martin has been the chef at Mille Fleurs for more than 27 years. I found out the skinny on Valentine’s Day at Mille Fleurs. Check out for details on this amazing special going on if you want to woo your loved one. Call (858) 756-3085 for details.

On Feb. 3, I ventured to La Jolla to Legends Gallery where I work part-time weekly, which I absolutely love. Art has been one of my passions and obsessions most of my life. So when I met Roree Mayhew, the director of Legends, a few months ago, you can just imagine me doing a little “Audrey Hepburn” smile all the way to my car parked a couple of blocks away, ironically next to a chapel. (Prayers do work wonders you know.) A few months later, I am excited to be selling art and meeting the artists there. On that note, Joelle Blouin — a top selling Canadian artist from Quebec City — has risen to quick acclaim in the art world. Only 26 years old, Joelle has gone from one gallery to seven in under one year. Her bold colorful paintings of city skylines are magnificent. Visit or contact me directly for more information on her paintings.

On Feb. 5, I attended Karian and Tom’s Super Bowl party in the Crosby. What can I say? These photos speak for themselves. Here are two group shots of the guests that came in high style for one of America’s favorite past times.


On Feb. 16, don’t miss out on a must-attend Fashion event happening in La Jolla. San Diego Food Bank’s Chris Carter was kind enough to invite me to this fabulous day at the second annual Fashion Plates Luncheon and fashion show designed by TV personality Leonard Simpson. The silent auctions starts at 10:30 a.m. sharp, which is followed by the luncheon and fashion show. This event will be held at the Hyatt Regency in La Jolla. To reserve your tickets, contact Megan Mills at (858) 863-5121 or visit


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