Caring for the soul, winners and fabulous birthday trips under the eucalyptus trees

Do you have the courage to be real? Do you show your true colors or are you just one those faking it to fit in on your cul-de-sac? If the latter applies, you are missing out on the fundamental joys of who you are on the inside. Your soul is all you’ve got. And, if you aren’t portraying the “real you,” life will catch up with you eventually. You can never turn back the hands of time. We cannot erase the mistakes of yesterday. If you aren’t being true to yourself, no one else is either.
After stepping into the art world recently, I am finding much inspiration from staring deeply at paintings every day. I am finding that textures reveal tones, colors and layers and a story underneath each brush stoke. Our reflection in the mirror is similar to this. What do you see when you look at yourself? Be still in the morning and ask yourself, “What do I love? What would bring me joy? What inspires my inner self?”
Just like a tree, your soul needs nourishment. Trust me, even if you are a parent, you must make adjustments for what you love or one day you could wonder what happened to that 12-year-old with dreams?
So, don’t try to fit in. Take time to make time for you. Life can be incredibly short. Be the person you can be proud of each day. Author Thomas Moore’s book, “Care of the Soul,” deals with this topic. I highly recommend it. After all, life isn’t a dress rehearsal and those “do-gooders” up the street? Trust me, they’re not truly your friends anyway. So make sure you’re at least a good friend to yourself. Because you are worth it!
Around town
On Oct. 29, I received some exciting news regarding Santa Fe Christian’s seventh grade flag football team: “ My name is Jason Stewart and I’m a former division one college basketball national champion turned flag football coach! I’m debuting with these guys and I love it.”
The flag football team helps prepare the boys for high school football. According to their website, “We view the middle school flag football program as a farm system for the Santa Fe Christian High School varsity program because we run an 8-Man version of the Wing-T offense that Coach Nick Ruscetta teaches … we are one big happy Wing-T family over at SFC!” Welcome Jason Stewart and good luck to you this season. Santa Fe Christian is one of my favorite schools in the area. I have included a photo of Coach Stewart with the seventh grade flag football team.
On Nov. 1, I received some romantic news about one of my favorite couples in Rancho Santa Fe. Karian and Tom Forsyth are usually on the scene many places around town, while hosting sizzling spa parties by poolside during the summer. Well, Tom’s birthday is just around the corner in the beginning of December. Guess what his birthday present is each year from his bride? Karian takes Tom to the airport each year on his important day and whisks him away to an unknown destination, which he does not know about until he arrives at the counter and receives the ticket in his hand.
Last year, Karian surprised Tom with a trip to Whistler, Canada. I have included a photo straight out of a James Bond movie, with the couple standing in front of a red helicopter up on the snowy slopes in Canada. Can you say “movie stars?” Also pictured is Tom with his buddies here in the Ranch for their local celebration. I wonder where it will be this year for the Forsyths’ next big adventure? How lucky for Tom, wouldn’t you agree? Stay tuned until next month for that news!
On Nov. 3, the Rancho Santa Fe school board honored R. Roger Rowe students who received perfect scores on their STAR testing at their meeting that evening. Parents, siblings, teachers and friends all gathered together at the Performing Center of Arts to witness this wondrous celebration, that honors the students and their perfect winning scores. Superintendent Lindy Delaney was also there to encourage the students. She also gave them all a personal tip: “When shaking hands, make sure you make good eye contact, too.” Excellent advice! Featured here are two of the recipients, my son Jackson Tuck and Rachel Waite. Rachel Waite is the daughter of Lance and Anna Waite. And, just in case inquiring minds would like to know, Jackson Tuck, is also the son of well-known news anchor Michael Tuck. Michael is now retired, remarried, and recently had a baby girl with his wife, lawyer Jill Tuck. They live in the covenant in the Ranch. Congratulations to all of the students from that night. What a special evening it was for all us there.
On Nov. 5, I received a wonderful picture of a Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club member’s granddaughter, Reese MacDonald. Reese’s soccer team scored the winning goal that weekend and the girls were all smiles (so were the parents!) that day. Reese is featured with her best friend Alexi Aloni. Both girls scored important goals that day for their team.
Later that day, I stopped by Lemon Twist Fruit Stand in Rancho Santa Fe for a wonderful art exhibit by local artist Nancy C. Henderson. Nancy was selling her beautiful original oil painting under a perfect blue sky on that lovely Saturday afternoon.
I took a photo of Nancy proudly standing next to her art that day. Nancy’s art varies from local nature scenes here in Rancho Santa Fe to the rolling hills of Tuscany. If you would like to buy any of Nancy’s art for your own collection, visit
Popular resident Holly Manion came out to lend her support that day, too. We missed each other by just 10 minutes!
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