Cat tale is enough to bring tears to my eyes

You don’t mind if I whine a bit, do you? I want a cat but just can’t have one. Every time I get near them my eyes itch, swell and most of my respiratory system slams shut.
But I waaaant one. OK, done now. But I am feeling thoroughly sorry for my sweet daughter and myself because neither of us can keep this very adorable cat she rescued from her dad’s office, where she works part-time. Her apartment is “no pets.”
The office has four floors and the top floor is empty. For reasons unknown, my child decided to explore the deserted offices and roof one afternoon and, of course, found a young cat stuck up there. We will never know how it got up there or when, but doors and elevators made it impossible to escape. It tended to hide in small, inaccessible places when approached.
This led to days of high drama in which she tried to get Los Angeles animal control to come rescue the cat. They waffled, and then declined. Then, during one visit to the roof to feed the cat, the door closed, locking my daughter up there for two hours, at night, in the dark.
The next day, however, she was able to corner the kitten into a box. She then made calls to all our local no-kill shelters and was uniformly told they could take no more cats, thanks. In spite of my regular role as the heavy, I lacked the backbone to tell her to just drop it at the pound. By now she had named it. I knew the cat was safe but we were doomed.
From there it was a fast $350 for vet check-up and spaying — malnourished but generally healthy — no medical reason to put it down. So while roof cat’s stitches heal, we debate her future and she steals our hearts. My husband insists she could live in our backyard and catch rats. He fails to factor in that this adorable black-and-white-with-a-black-spot-on-her-nose kitty needs cuddling and I would be the only cuddler readily available.
The shelters are full. So if you are even a little bit tempted to take in a sweet, affectionate, now-spayed kitty, I’d love to hear from you. We will give her up to a good home, but we cannot promise not to pout for a good long time.


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