Association votes to renovate arena surface

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Association voted at its Sept. 1 meeting to renovate the arena surface at Rancho Osuna, at a cost of $48,000.
In her report to the board, Ranch Manager Daria Quay said it has been five years since the arena was scraped and leveled, and new sand was added.
“Although additional sand has been added to the area every year, the sand is now so old it turns to concrete when it gets wet and drag teeth are penetrating the base and mixing with the sand so the base is also deteriorating,” she said.
Because maintenance will be required each year, it is hoped the Association can come up with a way to have the tenants help pick up the tab. It is conducting a survey of similar properties to determine what might be a fair price, Association Manager Peter Smith said.
“It sends a message they are sharing in our assets,” Association Director Ann Boone said.
Director Anne Feighner suggested an ad hoc committee be convened to help decide long range plans for the use of the ranch.
“What is the long term global strategy? We need to get it back on the radar,” she said.
The Association bought the Osuna Ranch in 2006. At the time there were 35 horses on the ranch in training with world-class trainer Hap Hansen, Quay said in her report.
Hansen remains the professional hunter/jumper/Grand Prix trainer. In 2006 the Association voted to renovate the area. About 45,000 square feet of old sand was removed, the arena was graded, the existing base was compacted and new sand was added.
On June 22, 2011 the Finance Committee made a motion to the board to approve a reconditioning project for the arena not to exceed $32,000.
“The board expressed concern that the base should also be scraped and directed staff to consult with Hap Hansen for his input,” Quay said. “As Hap Hansen is the trainer on the property and generates almost all of the borders that use the area, the Association Board felt his input was critical.”
Hansen’s recommendation was that the work proceed in two phases, the first being the removal of the top layer of sand and then the base layer reworked if necessary.
Also at the recent meeting, the Association voted to spend funds not to exceed $3,431 to replace four broken bladder tanks and install controller/variable speed submersible pumps on Osuna Ranch.
The ranch’s landscaping, pastures, turn outs and arena are watered with well water. The upper wells are currently working property but four of the bladder tanks are rusted and leaking, Smith told the board.
“Fain Pump Company, who has maintained our well equipment since the Association purchased the property in 2006, recommends replacing the four leaking bladder tanks and installing a system that consists of one tank and provides protection for out motor,” he said.


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