Dispensary supporters attend council meeting

OCEANSIDE — Supporters of medical marijuana collectives sat in on the Aug. 17 City Council meeting to bring attention to ongoing court cases that will decide if Oceanside collectives can stay in business. Currently the collectives cannot obtain a license due to city zoning ordinances that do not designate an area where the collectives can be located.
Collectives are seeking regulations that allow them to operate.
“Regulate, don’t ban is the simplest way to put it,” said John Scandalios, director of North County Collective.
The city has asked collectives to cease and desist operations, but is not taking action against mobile medical marijuana delivery services. Scandalios said mobile services do not provide the variety of product and patient education a dispensary can.
“People can’t make an informed decision when they drive out with exactly what you ordered,” Scandalios said. “People want to look, they want to see, they want to shop.”
Supporters said they would be present at upcoming council meetings. A rally organized by Americans for Safe Access is planned outside of city hall Aug. 31 to show community support for collectives.


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