Marijuana dispensary will fight unfavorable ruling

VISTA — CKS Organic medical marijuana dispensary must remain closed until its future trial date. Judge Jacqueline Stern of Vista Superior Court upheld the tentative ruling for the dispensary to cease and desist operations on Aug. 5.
Attorney Katherine Clifton, who represents Kenneth Halbert, director of CKS Organic, said her client will now file a claim against the city of Oceanside and City Attorney John Mullen.
“We’ll file an elder abuse case against the city for not allowing them legal medicine,” Clifton said.
Clifton said elder North County patients who get their medical marijuana at CKS Organic will now be forced to buy their medicine on the street.
“They’ll have to participate in a criminal transaction if they want to get their medication,” she said.
Halbert is over 65. He is a retired Marine who served two tours in the Vietnam War and earned two Purple Hearts. He uses medical marijuana to relieve physical pain from war injuries and severe post-traumatic stress syndrome.
“We want to keep it safe for some people to get their medicine,” Clifton said. “It’s not a bunch of 20 year old guys looking for a party. It’s the elderly and sick.”
Once the claim is filed the city will have 45 days to reply. It is likely that both the charge for the dispensary to permanently shut down and the charge of elder abuse against the city will be heard simultaneously.
A court date has not yet been set.


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