It was another summer to remember in Rancho Santa Fe

Can you believe that schools starts in Rancho Santa Fe in less than two weeks? As I watch each store pile up more school supplies in their front aisles, it’s apparent the summer sand crystals are washing away with the tide of the season. Most commercials you see on television are bombarding you with last minute school specials. We’re almost not allowed to enjoy the last two weeks because we are being constantly reminded that the school calendar is already upon us.
Then let’s go back to school! Let the line-ups at Ranch schools begin. Watch out you late sleepers. You’re in for a shocker. If you are running a couple of minutes behind schedule, yes your child will be marked late. Why? Because in the last week of August, the Ranch will be clogged with families and teachers vying for the best parking spot, dashing for last minute lunch items at Stumps Market, and the quick coffee grab at Café Positano on Paseo Delicias.
I’m sure the line will be around the corner. Are you ready for the rush? If not, that’s OK. You’ll find your groove.  The early morning commute will find that familiar routine, as the scattered fall trees in the Ranch  begin to drop their leaves.
On that note, what better way to begin the “Back to School Madness” than to remember a few of the summer events in 2011? Here are some some of the few exciting social gatherings that happened “Around Town,” while the kids were at the beach.
Around Town
In June, Deana Carter of Carter Financial hosted Ladies Night Out. If you were lucky enough to be in on one of Rancho Santa Fe’s most familiar faces guest list, than you enjoyed an evening of pampering. According to my sources, the luxurious night included make-up artists, jewelry, samples of exotic olive oils, delectable chocolates, wine and fun networking.
One of the highlights of the party that evening was an introduction to Fresh Start Surgical Program. Fresh Start Surgical program is a charity that helps raise money for children born with deformities, or have been disfigured by child abuse, accidents or disease. The money raised by Fresh Start goes directly to reconstructive plastic surgery for these children. For more information, check out their website at Thank you Deana for sharing photos from your fabulous event this summer. I’m sure we will see more of Deana this fall, too.
In July, The Del Mar Race track opened to the crowd, the hats and to the women and men wearing them in high style. While those lucky enough that made it to Opening Day squeezed into the Turf Club and other sections at the track, the rest of North County happened to BE stalled in their cars and staring at the bumpers on the 5 freeway.  And yes, I do have one more photo to share (some events are so big you can never give them enough coverage) from one of the most anticipated days in San Diego. 
These lovely women featured were seen looking fabulous at the  Mille Fleurs after party. Who said you had to live in Hollywood to find beautiful women?
Later in that month, a separate party did occur at the Turf Club, too, by one of Rancho Santa Fe’s well known residents, Elaine Gallagher.  Elaine celebrated her birthday with family and friends in a private box all to themselves, while watching and betting on the ponies. I must share with you that Elaine ranks up as one of the prettiest blondes in Rancho Santa Fe, along with the Holcombe sisters.  
But more importantly she is a genuinely sweet person, and I count myself lucky to know Elaine. Here are two photos from that party bash. If you are looking to buy real estate in this area, check out listings here:
Rounding out July’s calendar happens to be The Ranch’s very own Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Club. Besides tracking through the Grand Canyon earlier in the summer, this dynamic group hung out with some Navy Seals! Wow, now check out this photo sent to me from Rancho Santa Fe’s very own patrol chief, Matt Wellhouser. 
In August, Lemon Twist fruit stand promoted their infamous chocolate covered strawberries by offering a free berry giveaway to customers that spend just $10 on their shopping spree there. And, did you know that eating high calorie desserts is totally out and eating healthy fresh sweets is the current trend?
Well, at Lemon Twist it surely is. And, if you happen to be in involved in the “World of Dating,” you better be watching your mid-section, too. Here is an example of what one Ranch resident opted for her birthday cake celebration with friends: one cupcake for the candles and handy light delectable dipped berries for all of the guests. Let just say the strawberries went fast, and no one had a sugar crash under the hot sun.
If you are wondering, the chocolate is imported from Europe in three flavors; white, milk and my favorite, the dark chocolate. Heavy in antioxidants and low on the glycemic index, check out to place an order, or just swing by Lemon Twist, located in Rancho Santa Fe across from Cielo and The Crosby on Del Dios Highway.  You might even catch me there helping out my husband sometimes on the weekends!
With school starting at the end of August, I have some exciting news! For you Ranch moms out there looking for a nanny this school season, I have found a recommendation.  A former employee of Mille Fleurs, Nina Hunt sent some exciting news to me regarding her good friend that she met in Germany, Liza Jehle, who is a nanny-for-hire.
Yes, that’s right. Now I know I have your attention. Liza has experience in Germany and the United States as a full time live-in nanny, caring for children between the ages of 6 to 11-years-old. Liza also attended  UCLA for one semester. She is fluent in German and English. If you are looking for some much needed help, you can e-mail Liza at  
She also has a list of referrals and references upon request for any family seeking her for employment. I have featured a photo of Liza here. Thanks Nina for putting me in touch with Liza and supplying me with some much needed excellent information for someone needing help.


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