Letters to the Editor 7/15/11

Council ‘out-of-step’ with residents’ needs

“Yeah, but it’s free.”  That’s what I keep hearing about the modified military armored vehicle called BearCat that was just added to the Oceanside Police Department stable. The Ronald McDonald million dollar house is also free if you win it, but you might need a second job so you can afford the taxes and maintenance!   
The July 6 North County Times story didn’t tell you the estimated cost of $2,659 per year for maintenance and fuel for the BearCat was, according to the official city staff report, based on the cost of maintenance and fuel for Oceanside’s 20-year-old armored vehicle.  
Since the county already has a BearCat, why didn’t city staff ask them for an estimate based on real life use?   
If you really, really wanted a new plaything, would you fudge the cost of maintenance just so you could get your big, tough new toy?  Yes, you would especially if parts are only available from the manufacturing company.  When is our City Council going to start basing their approvals on something other than fudge?  
As a retired military veteran, I find the priorities of this council to be completely out-of-step with the needs of Oceanside residents.
Catherine L. Morris


July 4 is the birth date of our nation. I remember well getting up early on that special day. My friends and I gathered a ton of fireworks to see who could make the longest and biggest bang, plus homemade ice cream and parades.
I began reading the Declaration of Independence with a vision of the great men who signed this irretrievable document. There were 56 delegates that signed the Declaration of Independence. These men pledged their lives, fortunes and their honor on this document. To name a few delegates, John Hart, Carter Braxton of Virginia, Ellery, Clymerm, Hall, Walton, Gwinnet, Rutledge, Morrison, Livingston and Middleton. These men are my heroes. I doubt many have ever heard of these great men.
The Declaration of Independence is even more important today. Not only is July 4 the birth date of this great nation, but the symbol of freedom to all nations under the repression of dictators. So on this fourth day of July, have a burger, lots of homemade ice cream, enjoy the special parades and watch the fireworks.
More importantly, remember our brave patriots who had the courage to sign the Declaration of Independence who made our freedom and independence we enjoy today.

Jim Lowery


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