Navy medical support personnel train for upcoming deployment

CAMP PENDLETON — Navy corpsmen, doctors and nurses preparing for upcoming individual deployments completed a rigorous, two-week course directed by the Naval Expeditionary Medicine Training Institute, or NEMTI, on Camp Pendleton.
The course combined classroom lectures with hands-on practical and scenario-based training and included the Tactical Combat Casualty Course, 9-mm, live-fire qualifications and the Improvised Explosive Device/Convoy Operations Security training course. NEMTI is designed to improve skills in recognizing subtle signs of the presence of an IED and a land navigation course.
“Our mission is to organize, equip and train personnel to provide medical support to the expeditionary medical facility in combat environments in support of overseas contingency operations,” said Navy Cmdr. Ethan Josiah, deputy officer-in-charge, NEMTI. “We provide a learning environment where personnel train, eat and are housed together; and where unit cohesion and team building can begin.”
During the students stay at NEMTI they were exposed to common deployment scenarios and a field environment, which they will be faced with while deployed overseas, such as living in a squad bay without air-conditioning or heating, utilizing sleeping bags and only eating Meals Ready to Eat. Students were also faced with working at least 17 hours a day, which was geared towards preparing the sailors for a demanding work hours that will be seen overseas.
“The command staff and instructors did an amazing job with the training. They had limited time to work with and still provided some of the best training I have received in my 10 years of service,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Mark McMahon, a corpsman undergoing the training. “ I can not say enough about the job our instructors did; they are a truly talented group whose passion about these topics is beyond question.”
Students attending the school vary from Navy physicians, nurses and hospital corpsmen, to non-medical Navy support personnel who are taught by instructors whose mission to ensure medical personnel are prepared to handle a variety of situations in theater with ease.
“The environment, staff, and training was realistic and conducted as close to real-life as possible,” said Navy Capt. Mollie J. Mullen, a student undergoing the training. “The training, besides providing an awareness for necessary skills for deployment, provided awareness of what currently deployed sailors are enduring and experiencing.”
Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is the only military installation along side the NEMTI command to provide this specialized training the sailors.


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