Yes, my car is getting fresh with you guys

My car’s cuter than your car. My car has eyelashes.
I realize that “cute” is not what everyone is shooting for in a car, but it certainly is working for me. I had no idea of the fun in store when I opened the package Christmas morning.
Right around that time, my life had begun to seriously lack fun. Life gets that way sometimes. As if knowing my mind, my quietly funny daughter went to some trouble to find and order eyelashes for my car. Eyelashes. For my car. I was tickled at the concept, but … well… I just had no idea. When I finally put them on, I discovered the greatest mood lifter in the world. Those goofy eyelashes make a lot of people laugh and I love nothing more than to make people laugh. It can be a little unnerving to realize how well your children truly know you.
I am certain some have sneered at my new accessory, but in a show of unexpected modern civility, it has not happened to my face. I know that decorating and anthropomorphizing your car might hover near the category of pratfalls and matching “I’m with stupid” T-shirts, but somehow I think the lashes are just a hair above that.
One day a dour-faced woman and fellow Prius driver parked nose to nose with me. As we got out of our cars, I braced for disdain. Instead she grinned and asked, “Can you order them with those?” It made my day. The lashes were, predictably and delightfully, a huge hit with the youngsters at my elementary school. Then I began to notice people in parking lots or along the sidewalk would stop, point and laugh out loud. Fabulous!
Most people, absorbed in the struggles of their lives, don’t notice them or politely ignore them. But it rockets my entire mood when I see someone spot them and laugh. It’s even better when they nudge their friend and make them look.
Regularly, women want to know where I got them and I have to tell them truthfully that I don’t know. I tossed the box and didn’t even ask from where my daughter ordered them. I will admit, with some guilt, that just now I have become very selfish about having car eyelashes. They may pop up everywhere soon, but for now, having the only pair in town is my personal mood booster.
I am, of course, well aware of the somewhat perilous downside of having “the car with eyelashes.” I have been known to lose patience when driving and give in to possible rudeness. While far better than in my youth, I am not the world’s best driver and have rolled through a stop or exceeded a speed limit from time to time. That simply has to stop now. There is no blending in as just one of hundreds of green Priuses anymore. I’ll bet my daughter thought of that, too, when she ordered them. Smart girl.
So off I drive each morning, gleefully knowing that at some point in the day, I will make someone laugh and I can join them in that laughter. It doesn’t get any better than that.


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