Soccer field work set for summer

RANCHO SANTA FE — The end of the school year should be the beginning of construction on the soccer field and track at R. Roger Rowe School in Rancho Santa Fe.
“Digging should begin in a month and a half,” said Deb Vaughn-Cleft of Webb
Cleff Architecture and Engineering, Inc., which is constructing the project.
The board was given an update of the project at its April 7 meeting.
The plans include room for storage sheds, a scoreboard, a new long jump area, a four-lane rubberized track and the resealing and restriping of the existing hard courts. Earlier in the year,
Earlier in the year, the board of trustees chose a U-13 field type, appropriate for a middle school, and artificial turf for it.
They decided against the natural turf for a number of reasons including the ever-increasing cost of water.
Vaughn-Cleft told the board the total cost of the job would be $2,437,595 including the soft costs of $450,000 and the hard cost $1,985, 095. The total cost includes the equipment.
Tim Ireland, project manager, said the projected cost does not include problems that might arise during construction.
“There are always the unknowns,” he said.
He said between 35 and 40 percent of the cost of construction will be paid for labor.
The new field will be rented to soccer and lacrosse teams and others who wish to use it, but with proper insurance and the approval of the superintendent of schools.
In other school board news, six temporary teachers were given pink slips, as is the custom this time of year when the state budget is still in flux.
Lindy Delaney, district superintendent, said these teachers are told when they are hired they are temporary and could be laid off.
“We don’t do it lightly because it is hard on people,” she said.
Still, when the state budget is finally in place and the district is confident about funding, they could be asked to return.
“We hope to get most of these employees back,” she said. “
Ireland continues to finish up the final punch list of the construction of the new school. A major sticking point are metal stairs that should have been galvanized before installation, but were not. The mistake was noticed afterward.
Ireland said it is not a safety issue, it is a wear and tear issue because if left untreated, the stairs will deteriorate sooner than planned.
“This is a 30-year problem,” he said.
He said the consulting firm he hired believes the stairs will have to be torn out, galvanized and then reinstalled.
“It is a solution to get this to as near perfect as we an get,” he said.
Ireland said the project will take about four weeks.
Payment is being withheld from the subcontractor who provided and installed the stairs.
The next board meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. May 5 at the school.


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