Rancho Santa Fe resident scammed

When Lois, a Rancho Santa Fe resident, recently called an air conditioning and heating company because her heater wasn’t working, she had no idea what would lie ahead. She explained to the dispatcher of the company that her heater had stopped working.
He of course dispatched a technician out to her home. Lois wasn’t too concerned with the cost of the repair, as her home was only about ten years old. She knew she probably just needed a tune-up or a minor repair. Lois was surprised when the service technician told her that she needed an entirely new unit, which would cost her about $10,000!
It simply did not make sense to her. It was her understanding that air-conditioners have a 20 year life span. The technician insisted that her unit could not be repaired. He offered many incentives to her, but something didn’t seem right. That is when Lois decided to call around to get a second opinion.
She came across a company called “The Honest Guys.com” and phoned them right away. When Lois called The Honest Guys, she was surprised to learn that they would come out to her home for free to diagnose her unit. Upon inspection, Reb Brown, the owner of the company, found that Lois’s unit was simply in need of a $65.00 capacitor. Reb explained to Lois that unfortunately air-conditioning and heating companies are notorious for ripping off customers.
In fact, when we interviewed Reb, he told us about an ABC news investigative story in the 1990’s whereby several air conditioning contractors were called out to homes in the greater Los Angeles Area for repairs to units that were in perfect working order.
The investigative reporter found that all but 2 of the 8 contractors that were called out were actually honest enough to say that there wasn’t anything wrong with the units! 80 percent of the companies lied, and stated that there were major repairs needed on the units. Reb explained that he comes across this situation weekly. “It’s an unfortunate thing,” he explains. “I have built my business on integrity and trust. I could not sleep at night if I knew that my business was built on ripping people off.
It’s simply not how I do business.” This attitude is what has lead to the success of The Honest Guys.com. When asked what a homeowner could do to avoid this type of trap, he strongly suggests setting up yearly maintenance contracts with a trustworthy company. “Your air-conditioning and heating equipment is some of the most expensive equipment in your home” he explained. “Similar to a car that needs an oil change, your a/c and heating unit needs yearly maintenance as well. This simple, inexpensive service will extend the life of the units, and avoid costly repairs.” It also helps to build a relationship with a company.
Lois was so thrilled with the service that she received, she decided to set up yearly maintenance contracts with The Honest Guys.com. “I simply will not be a victim of a scam in my own home” stated Lois, “I am going to refer all of my friends to this nice young man named Reb!”
To avoid being a victim, you too can set up your yearly maintenance. Simply call The Honest Guys.com today at (760) 739-7259, or log onto their website at www.TheHonestguys.com. As Reb says, “I love living and working in San Diego. I want to be known for our honesty. Our name says it all!”
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