Kindergarten students send quilts to Africa

SAN MARCOS — Kindergarten students at Discovery Elementary in the classes of teachers Julie Delaway, Lael Donaldson, Margaret Meyers, Briana Poltl and Kathleen Lindemann recently made quilts for children in Africa.
Every quilt is a blanket with a story. This story started with a trip to Africa last summer by a Kids for Peace group that included Encinitas resident Shawlin Tucker, 8, and a yard of hand-dyed fabric from Kenya bought over 25 years ago by teacher and Leucadia resident Lindemann.
After returning from Africa, the group decided to raise money to get beds for the children of the Fiwagoh Orphanage outside of Nuruku, Kenya, where they had stayed for two weeks. As his special project, Shawlin wanted to get blankets for the beds. At a fundraiser Lindemann and Leila Holkesvig, a school parent, met Shawlin and the quilt making process began.
The African fabric was cut up into large and small squares so that each quilt would have some in it. Students worked in teams. They chose the fabrics, created the designs and then sewed the blocks with help from teachers and parents. Each child sized quilt measured 45 by 60 inches.
The five quilts are now on their way to Fiwagoh, where the story will continue. Kids for Peace, a global nonprofit organization based in Carlsbad, will return to the orphanage and continue to act as a bridge between children around the world.


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