Golf club agreement modification OK’d

RANCHO SANTA FE — As a follow-up to the modification of the golf club agreement to allow former residents to retain membership, the board approved the wording at its March 3 meeting.
“When the membership category was adopted on Feb. 17, the criteria for the membership was discussed by the Association board, but not formally approved,” said Peter Smith, association manager.
The golf club agreement limited membership in the club to “members of the Association in good standing.” The wording needed to be clarified and now reads “and members that have held memberships in the golf club for at least 10 years and no longer own property in the Covenant.”
Motivated in part by compassion and in part by finances, the modification to the club’s plan of operation allows members who have moved away for a number of reasons, including health and finances, to be allowed to stay on and continue the social relationships they have had for years. But, it will cost them at least 10 percent more than regular members. They also may not serve on a board or committee and may not use any other Association facilities.
In other Association news, Ivan Holler, association administrator, reported that about 700 surveys about long-range planning have been returned to the Association office.
He said he is hoping for at least a 50 percent return rate. The processing and the compilation of the final report could start in about two weeks.
A long-range planning committee worked beginning in August putting together a survey that would take the pulse of the community and help decide what Rancho Santa Fe should look like in the future.
Smith also announced that Holler has completed advanced training and gained certification in the management of homeowner associations. During his training he learned about ethics, finance, governance and professional standards, Smith said.
Director Anne Feighner reported the Trails Committee is taking a serious look at the Arroyo Property which was acquired as open space in 1999.
“The Boy Scouts use it. People train their dogs there,” she said. “It is a beautiful property with a pond over on the east side. It’s a lovely area and has many possibilities.”


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