Letters: March 4, 2011

Council majority locking up citizen commissions
What are we going to do about Encinitas? The City Council majority is locking up every citizen commission. They recently replaced several members of several commissions who had the audacity to serve as honest representatives of the community and to challenge the status quo. The Environmental Commission chair, Elizabeth Taylor, was mocked by Jerome Stocks in her presentation to the council and then not reappointed. Why not let each council member unilaterally appoint someone to each commission? That way we would have a broader range of participants, a more diverse set of views, and break the stranglehold imposed by Stocks, Bond and Gaspar, on any actual substantive debate.

Lisa Shaffer

Doorman got it right
I wanted to respond sooner to Cory Waterhouse’s column on “I’m feeling celebrity overload” in your Jan. 21 issue, but better late than never, especially in regard to this critique of the increasingly appalling erosion of our culture and the dumbing of America.
I just wanted to say that Waterhouse’s analysis of the present generation’s ad nauseum preoccupation with lives of insignificant media-created personalities was so right-on that I found myself saying “amen” to every one of his points and naming of names.
I can’t help but believe that there is a huge minority of people who have better things to do with their lives, but the amount of time and space devoted to those who obviously don’t is so highly profitable that it will perpetuate itself as long as the majority of viewers and readers lap it up like thirsty mules.
As ye sow, so shall ye reap.
As in the computer equation: garbage in, garbage out.

Jim Donovan
Del Mar


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