Elementary school gets Hollywood spirit

CARLSBAD — On Feb. 28, the staff of Hope Elementary dressed up in costume for their annual Oscar celebration. The event was the creation of administrative assistant Judy Hansen.
“I love the movies!” she said. “I started this 16 years ago when I worked at Magnolia Elementary and brought it when I came here.”
Hansen transformed the front office of the school into the historic Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. A panoramic photo of what looks to be the famous “Hollywood” sign read “Hopewood,” a play on the name of the elementary school. Hansen assumed the role of Joan Rivers, interviewing celebrities with her microphone on a red carpet bearing gold stars with the names of each teacher at the school and a celebrity nickname inspired by their favorite star.
An “Oscar” was presented to second-grade teacher Janet Nielsen, who scored 100 percent on a secret ballot with everyone’s predictions for the Oscar winners.
After photos, the “celebrities” gathered in the lunchroom for a buffet.
Each teacher put a lot of thought and work into their costume.
Caitlin Coulter, second-grade teacher, portrayed Facebook from the movie “The Social Network.”
Juanita Bass, learning center teacher, came as boxer Micky Ward from the movie “The Fighter.”
Gwen Allen, campus monitor, played Loretta Devine from the movie “Colored Girls.”
Denise Connelly, third-grade teacher, came as Rooster Cogburn, and substitute teacher Susie McKittrick as Mattie Ross, both from the movie “True Grit.”
One of the most original costumes was Joy Jansen, first-grade teacher, as the White Swan from the movie the “Black Swan” and Carolyn Robertson, health tech, as the Black Swan.
“It was a childhood fantasy of mine to be a ballet dancer,” Robertson said.
The only disappointment was that although Principal Richard Tubbs brought a costume for the celebration, he was unable to participate after being called to an offsite meeting.  
“I am sorry Mr. Rubbs isn’t here,” Robertson said. “We are fortunate that he allows us to enjoy our time at work.”


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