Letters: Feb. 25, 2011

Improve mass transit before expanding freeway
Bravo to Sen. Christine Kehoe for introducing a bill regarding improving mass transit in coastal communities before we expand the I-5 freeway. Most people thought that the freeway expansion would be a continuation of what was done in Solana Beach which would continue north to Oceanside. Many people who were shocked by the Caltrans proposal. I applaud Sen. Kehoe for listening to the coastal community. The times they are a changing and we need to fix the ability to get where we want to go by using mass transit.
I respectfully disagree with Jerome Stocks who as SANDAG chairman and Encinitas NCTD representative does not seem willing to understand that we need to change our habits and in doing so can maintain our beautiful community and protect our environment from the noise and pollution associated with widening the freeway.
Also, by improving mass transit we save money. I do not live in a bubble. I commute from Encinitas to Pacific Beach and would love to be able to get there in a reasonable amount of time. We need to fix the connections for mass transit so that people will be attracted to use it. Simple, maybe not, but it is the way of the future.
Rachelle Collier

What an exciting time to live in Leucadia!
With the Leucadia 101 Streetscape Plan now fully approved by the Encinitas City Council, Leucadia is on the verge of exciting new things to come. The Streetscape Plan calls for creating a more pedestrian- and bike-friendly community along the Highway 101 corridor and picks up where the downtown Encinitas improvements left off. To kick off the ground breaking, 101 trees will be planted (of the 900-plus the plan calls for) this spring. Envision the day where you can safely walk in downtown Leucadia, utilize bike lanes to bike down to Cardiff or north to Carlsbad, enjoy the many wonderful existing (and new) cafes while dining outside on expanded sidewalks and relax under a newly planted tree canopy. This, and more to come, is truly cause for celebration for residents and visitors alike.
Come learn more about the exciting plans and the Leucadia 101 Main Street Association (www.leucadia101.com), at the annual Leucadia 101 Main Street Association meeting to be held at 6:30 p.m. March 3 at Encinitas City Hall (Poinsettia Room). Find out more about what is taking place in your community and how you too can be involved.
Elena Thompson
Board member, Leucadia 101 Main Street Association

War on Big Bird
Well, the war is on again. Republicans want to kill off Big Bird, Bert, Ernie and all noncommercial public television programs for our children.
Republicans want to take all the federal funding away from the Public Broadcasting Service, or PBS.
More than half of all Americans utilize the services of PBS including public TV, public radio and their media.
Parents and teachers utilize educational technologies and services like interactive educational materials and professional development.
And who can forget learning our ABCs or numbers with the Sesame Street crew?
So kids, let your parents know that you want the government to continue to fund Big Bird and all the fine programming on public radio and TV.
And adults, let your representatives know that you do not want to cut funding for PBS.
These media outlets provide some of the best educational and unbiased, noncommercial programs available to the public today.
However, if you think it’s OK for your kids to watch the Cartoon Network all day and learn about nothing except junk food and toys in the commercials, then just ignore the message in this letter.
Mandy Barre

Oceanside needs to protect its senior services
Oceanside’s senior citizens need to watch what is happening with Chula Vista’s budget cuts. We might need to fight hard to make sure nothing like that happens here.
Last year, Chula Vista balanced their budget on the backs of senior citizens by cutting their senior center hours to four per day. Now the city wants to save the $62,000 per year it costs for four hours and close the center completely.
I’ve been watching our Oceanside councilmen who say they want city government reform. I am beginning to believe they really don’t want to provide services to seniors even though before the election they loved them. In fact those who say they want to cut waste probably mean senior services are waste. This seems like the plan in every city that is ruled by people who say they want limited government. Budget cuts are their excuse to cut our city services out of the budget at the same time they keep budgeted welfare money for big campaign contributors like developers.
Please call Oceanside City Councilman Jack Feller who has been a friend to seniors. Ask him not to support Councilmen Kern and Felien who want control of budget priorities.
Alessandra Colfi


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