Two red light cameras will be added to Oceanside streets

OCEANSIDE — Red light cameras will soon remind drivers to stop at the intersections of Vista Way and El Camino Real, and Old Grove Road and College Boulevard. The addition of two red light cameras was approved by City Council in late January and they will be installed in March.
A 12-hour video camera survey at the two intersections captured 169 violations. The violations included right turns, left turns and driving straight through the red lights. “What we’re concerned about is the cars that go straight through,” Phillip Romo, crime prevention specialist, said.
“Ten cars on Vista Way and El Camino Real went straight through in a 12-hour period. And eight on Old Grove Road and College Boulevard. That’s scary.”
Red light cameras have been found to significantly reduce accidents. “Most of the violations are right turns,” Mayor Jim Wood said. “It doesn’t seem like a serious action until they hit a pedestrian jaywalking. Then it only takes one.”
The red light camera system captures photos of a vehicle entering the intersection on a red light, the license plate, and the vehicle crossing the limit line. A video camera also records the scene.
Violators will be given warnings the first 30 days after the cameras are installed. After that violators will be mailed citations.
The city currently has two red light cameras at the intersections of Oceanside Boulevard and College Boulevard, and Mission Avenue and Canyon Drive.


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