Best in amateur boxing compete

OCEANSIDE — The best in amateur boxing faced off in the ring to compete in the USA Boxing Event at The Compound on Jan. 29. Competitors ranged in age from 8 to 55 years old, and in experience level from first to fifth fight.
It was the first amateur event in San Diego County to include master division boxers, age 35 and older.
The sport calls on boxers to bring everything they have to the ring.
“It’s the ultimate form of competition,” Andy Schnadig, strength and conditioning coach at The Compound, said. “There’s no bats, no balls, no team, just two guys laying it out in the ring.”
The competition drew high-level fighters from local cities, Northern California
and Mexico, including a fighter from the Mexico Boxing team.
Nico Cortez, 18, was there to compete in his first matched fight. He trained at The Compound with Coach Andy Schnadig four times a week for nine weeks to get in shape and drop 20 pounds to make his weight division. His focus was on a win. “I take it one fight at a time,” Cortez said.
His love is being in the ring. “It’s an unreal feeling,” Cortez said. “There’s nothing you can match it to.”
Officials scored 15 bouts of boxing using the USA Boxing point system. Boxers competed in three three-minute rounds. Younger boxers, age 14 and under, competed in three 90-second rounds.
The all-day event featured food booths, vendors and a deejay.
The event was held in dedication to Hector Gil Sr., a beloved boxer and trainer who was shot and killed in a Vista boxing gym in April. Gil is known for the encouragement he gave to young boxers and his work as a volunteer trainer. “We’re dedicating the event to him,” Claudia Ortega, The Compound owner, said. “It’s a pretty emotional thing for all of us.”
For final results and more information, visit www.thecompoundmma. com.


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