Encinitas Senior Foundation honored for its support

ENCINITAS — Current and future Encinitas seniors can be glad that in 1997, a small group of committed residents formed the Encinitas Senior Foundation. The Foundation predates the Senior Center, which opened in 2002. The Foundation contributed more than $120,000 to center programs, including a final $9,000 to the Out and About Transportation Program, before retiring at the end of 2010.
“The Foundation felt very strongly about helping senior citizens fulfill their transportation needs,” Senior Center Manager Christie Goodsell said. “Members dedicated their time, and through their fundraising efforts supported a variety of outreach services for the enrichment of participants.”
In addition to supporting transportation and the nutrition program, the foundation funded computer equipment, mobility aids, two pianos and a host of other amenities.
“Many senior citizens at the center have benefited tremendously from the foundation’s generosity,” Goodsell said.
Foundation members were honored Jan. 5. Founding Director Dave Oakley and Directors Carol Ashworth, Charles Harp and Al Tschaeche were all at the unveiling of a plaque honoring their many years of service and outstanding accomplishments. Founding Director Mac Hartley and Director Tometta Hentz were unable to attend.
“Every time I walk into the center and see the computer ;ab full of computers and all the people at the center relaxing and enjoying themselves and enriching their lives, it makes me realize it has been very much worthwhile,” Ashworth said.


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