Police trying to solve five-year-old murder case

CARLSBAD — Investigators are still trying to solve a case from five years ago when a man was gunned down in Holiday Park and died three weeks later from his injuries.
The homicide victim, George Barajas, 22, was gunned down on July 31, 2005, during a large party at the park where police said that “words were exchanged.”
The gunshot apparently came from a vehicle, according to police.
An arrest was made in late December 2010, of a woman authorities believed might have been inside the vehicle that the shot came from that killed Barajas.
“She was booked in furtherance of the investigation on a probable cause arrest,” said Lt. Kelly Cain, of the Carlsbad Police Department.
But the San Diego County District Attorney’s office did not have information on the woman’s arrest.
Barajas died on Aug. 19, 2005, at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, from a bullet wound in the abdomen, according to previous reports.


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