L.A. school shooting likely accidental

LOS ANGELES — The L.A. Times reports that two high school students were injured in an accidental shooting at around 10:40 a.m. Jan. 18.
The incident took place at Gardena High School when a gun accidentally fired in a student’s backpack.
One female student is in grave condition at a hospital after being shot in the head. The other student, a male, was wounded in the shoulder.
A spokesman for the school district said that the gun discharged when a 10-grade student either dropped or bumped the backpack.
Sources told the L. A. Times that following the shooting the student who had brought the gun to school apologized to his classmates before running out of the classroom. The student later surrendered to police after a two-hour standoff.
Capt. Steve Zipperman of the LAPD said that the incident appears to have been an accidental discharge. Officials are investigating how the gun was able to get past the school’s metal detectors.


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