Teen efforts to raise peer awareness earns special title

CARLSBAD — Tiffany Brock, a 16-year-old Carlsbad resident, was named the Miss California Teen USA’s official 2012 North County San Diego representative.
Brock has chosen to address bullying and alcohol/drug abuse, as two of the great concerns among teens today. As a prior recipient of bullying, the La Costa Canyon High School sophomore is committed to having her voice heard nationwide, through her movement NO-B.A.D. (No Bullying, Alcohol, or Drugs). Brock recognizes the small window of time when decisions made by youth can be so devastating for them and their families.
Brock plans to help raise awareness to students of the cause and effect of alcohol and drug abuse. Her efforts include educating and providing resources available for teens to reach out, before peer pressure, bullying, depression and ultimately, addiction become a driving force.
“I will take a stand,” Brock said. “I will be the voice.”
“We need to stop addressing these issues with ‘No’ and ‘Stop’, but rather ask ‘Why?’ I feel North County San Diego is home to some of the best high schools in the nation. We have top athletes, high academic honors and resources, incredibly spirited student bodies; staff that rocks, and administrators who not only earn our respect, but respect us as young adults, who struggle everyday with our individuality and being accepted amongst our peers. So, as North County San Diego’s Miss California Teen USA’s representative I am proud to be a positive voice in our community.”
Keith Lewis, Miss California USA’s co-executive director, said “this exceptional young lady is working hard to set a positive example for young people today.”
“This child rallied me, gave me fight and will to live every day,” said her mother, Jacqui Brock, a recent Stage 3 breast cancer survivor. “Now that I am healthy and strong again, I would like to take a moment to rally her.”
As the local titleholder, she will be reaching out to her local businesses, community organizations, as well as, government and school districts to support her efforts.


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