Special music aids autistic children

COAST CITIES — A special CD, geared to helping autistic youngsters develop expressive language and socialization skills through music, has been released by Lime Green Limousine. The CD, “On Our Way to Happy Village,” has 12 songs created especially for youngsters struggling with autism.
The project was put together by Encinitas resident Marc Zimmerman, whose twin boys were diagnosed with autism. Zimmerman is joined by his friend and recording artist Kelly Keeling.
“A simple hello or answering the question ‘What is your name?’ can be very difficult for children with autism,” Zimmerman said. “Kids with autism do not learn socialization intuitively, they need to learn it cognitively. Music is a fun and effective way to teach these kids.”
Autism now effects one in 110 youngsters and is growing at a rate of 10 percent to 17 percent per year, according to www.autism-society.org.
“We wrote this for the entire family to enjoy together and have received lots of positive feedback from kids and adults,” Zimmerman said.
You can hear samples of each song at limegreenlimo.com as well as download individual songs or purchase the entire CD. A portion of each CD will go to research for autism.


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