Man pleads not guilty to Christmas murder

OCEANSIDE — The shackles that Robert Glenn Pulley, 47, wore to a San Diego courtroom on Dec. 29 may stay with him for 50 years to life if he is convicted of charges that include murdering his neighbor on Christmas morning, just after police left his house.
Pulley pleaded not guilty to the murder of Jimmy Misaalefua, 44, and to additional felony charges of making criminal threats to his immediate family members and a misdemeanor battery charge that he punched his adult son.
The bail was set at $3 million.
During the arraignment, and in reports filed to the court, a prosecutor gave details of incidents that led up the Dec. 25 killing, each of which included Pulley being intoxicated.
On Nov. 11, Pulley’s wife had called 911 and Pulley was heard in the background saying he was going to shoot his wife and kill himself, said Deputy District Attorney Tracy Prior.
When police arrived they learned Pulley had guns in the house and multiple firearms registered to him, according to the report.
Pulley’s wife was safely removed from the house, but a three-hour standoff followed because Pulley had barricaded himself inside.
Then, on Christmas morning at 2 a.m., Pulley’s adult son, a 20-year-old Army service member, had called for medical help after his mother had somehow ended up on the ground during a fight between Pulley and his son.
A violent altercation happened while Pulley’s son was playing cards, according to the report, and ended with Pulley punching his son in the face and threatening to “shoot, stab and kill him,” Prior said.
Firefighters arrived, and it took four of them to subdue Pulley, who told them that his wife was OK and tried to re-enter the house where his wife and at least one gun was located.
Then, Oceanside Police immediately responded to the domestic dispute and transported the son to a separate location, according to the report.
There were no charges filed for the incident, and police left the scene at about 2:40 a.m.
Less than five minutes later a fatal bullet entered the chest of Misaalefua, a husband, father and Oceanside Pop-Warner football coach who lived across the street from Pulley at their Brown Street cul-de-sac.
Oceanside Police responded to the call for shots fired from the garage of the same location they had just left.
They found Misaalefua on the ground, suffering from a gunshot wound that claimed his life shortly after he arrived at the hospital.
Prior said that Pulley had walked to Misaalefua’s residence and began talking with him just after police had left, and that witnesses said the talking between the men seemed friendly.
“The facts are that these two neighbors had no bad-beef in the past,” Prior said.
They walked to the cul-de-sac together, which is between their houses, and neighbors heard Pulley say to Misaalefua, “I’ve got something for you.”
The defendant then walked to his own house and Misaalefua followed him, according to Prior.
“He (Pulley) went to his home, retrieved a .25 Caliber, turned the safety off and fired two shots at Jimmy,” Prior told the court.
Prior said after court that Pulley has shown he has the ingredients for murder, which is alcohol fueled with violence and a loaded weapon.
“Many who knew him said that a murder for him wasn’t a question of if, but of when,” she said.


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