Reflecting on my year 2010 in Rancho Santa Fe

In February of the year, I had the good fortune of being invited to Julien Hug’s 35th birthday party. That evening I had never seen Julien more thrilled to celebrate his birthday with his loved ones. Jen Keslick — Julien’s girlfriend — presented the most marvelous chocolate cake that I have ever seen. After he blew out the candles, everyone cheered and clapped for our dear friend. I will never forget that night in February when we all sat under the stars enjoying each other, celebrating Julien’s birthday. Thank you Jen for inviting us that evening. It will truly always be a night to remember.
In the end of springtime, I started writing a “Hat Feature,” which basically entailed me running around the Ranch looking for women wearing hats (I should have thought of that issue before I decided to do it!). However, I had some great fun stressing about the feature and managed to find some lovely women looking fabulous. I have included a photo of Ranch resident Karian Forsyth featured with one my best friends, Meredith MacDonald. We met on a Friday at Mille Fleurs and you can imagine how excited I was when I had found someone in a hat to photograph. Good times, pretty girls and a hat to feature in my column! Thanks Karian and Meredith for always looking so lovely in the photographs around town.
In May, I had the great honor of being the photographer to cover the Kids Korps event in the Ranch. Believe it or not, I’m serious. I had the work camera draped over across my shoulders and I must admit I was feeling like Lois Lane while I snapped photos of the arriving guests. Maggie Bobileff and Denise Hug have appeared together more than once and mainly it’s because they are two of the best-dressed women in Rancho Santa Fe. Thank you Maggie and Denise for always being so gracious and allowing me to photograph you at the events.
At the beginning of the summer, Rancho Santa Fe Little League came to a close with heavy hearts for my son’s team — The Durham Bulls. They lost in the playoffs. However, look at this photograph! Have you ever seen a happier group of boys? I felt like this photo was worth repeating because it represents the glory and the fun all young boys must feel even after not winning the game. Their spirits are alive and they do not look sad with defeat and proud to be part of a team. Thanks so much to all of the parents who lend their time and support to make Rancho Santa Fe Little League a wonderful experience for everyone. I look forward to next year’s season, too. Beware! I will be there with my camera.
In early June, I woke up early one morning to help make 1,000 strawberries for the Spring Fling Event, Best in Show, held at Helen Woodward. If you’ve ever attended one of the Spring Fling Events, you know firsthand it’s on the “must attend” event list in Rancho Santa Fe. I had so much fun that night! I wore an apron, cleared trays, sampled food and ran into some of my favorite Ranch residents. I am sharing a photo here of myself with Katie Holcomb and her sister Rosie. They are both long-time residents who I am always thrilled to see when I am around town. I believe my smile tells the story of how much I love these two beautiful women.
In August, Karian and Tom Forsyth had their first co-ed spa party. Let me tell you it was a great success. Hot and sunny with drinks in hand, guests mingled as they sat poolside in the Crosby. I took this group photo of some of the guests that day. One of the best hot summer days of the year! A big thank you to Tom and Karian for always being so fashionable and making Rancho Santa Fe look feel like Hollywood. But most of all, for being my good friends and always including me at your incredible parties.
In September, I attended a Rancho Santa Fe Rotary meeting in late September. I had the honor of being the guest of President Patrick Galvin. He had asked me to attend so I could be privy to hear the guest speaker, the executive director of Susan G. Komen for the Cure in San Diego, speak about her own personal fight against cancer. With heart, love and conviction, I was moved by Laura Farmer Sherman’s imploring speech urging all of us to help in the fight against breast cancer. Krista Lafferty is featured here with the guest speaker and John Farris. Krista is all smiles, too, because her mother is also a cancer survivor.
A very special thanks to the editor Laurie Sutton who is always so gracious and allows me to make adjustments even past deadline. And, to all of The Coast News Group for including me as part of your wonderful publishing business. I feel very blessed and proud to be part of the newspaper world.


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