Holiday season is a time for reflection and celebration

With the holidays upon us, I am looking back over the years and remembering each chapter. Do you become nostalgic during the holidays? I do. I tend to find hope and memories during this season with a smile and a tear. However, something that has remained consistent is that festive feeling Rancho Santa Fe has each year. I can always count on finding that yuletide momentum with a brisk stroll down Paseo Delicias.
At nighttime, the town comes alive. The buildings are lined with Christmas lights and the palm trees glow with that romantic feeling that you can only find in a California winter wonderland. This Christmas season, I am thankful for all of you that I know in this community. Thank you for the kindness, the stories and the moments that have added so much to my own memories as time goes by each year. This community has touched my heart and given me such a wonderful life. Let us remember to count our blessings, spread good cheer and be thankful for the spirit of love this holiday season. I am.
Around Town
On Nov. 18, the Rancho Santa Fe Women business and professional meeting was held. Gina Ruby Puterbaugh, Judy Parker and Elaine Gallagher shared a wonderful photo of the three of them that day. I’ve heard from a very reliable source that Elaine is receiving compliments all over town regarding her new slim figure. Elaine has always been one of the prettiest blondes around, but now it sounds like she has more reason to keep the rest of the girls running back to the gym for one more workout! Congrats Elaine and thanks again for always keeping me informed here in our fabulous community.
On Nov. 25, the work world in America all sat down to eat some turkey, watch football and give thanks, while taking a break from the normal daily grind. This happens to be one of my favorite holidays of the year. Mainly because it is based on being with your family and loved ones. My girlfriend Meredith MacDonald shared some lovely photos with me from her holiday weekend with her son, Holden, and her mother-in-law, Ranch resident Violet MacDonald. Violet is featured here with her granddaughter, Reese MacDonald.
On Dec. 2, I received an invitation from newlyweds Tony and Bianca Macaluso. This gorgeous couple just recently moved from the Ranch to the historic Del Mar estate setting just above the Del Mar Plaza. The Macalusos hosted a Jimmy Choo party to help raise money for The Polinksy’s Children’s Center. A portion of the proceeds went directly to the foundation, and the Macalusos also matched that figure with their own donation. This catered event felt like something out of an old Hollywood vintage movie. Shoes that cost more than my monthly rent payment adorned the walls, while champagne overflowed. I have included two photos from that exquisite evening. The highlight of the night for me was meeting Tony’s mom, Pat Macaluso. She was so kind and said how much she loved reading the column. Thanks Pat for reading! I look forward to seeing you in the future, again. I enjoyed our conversation so much.
On Dec. 4, I went to Mille Fleurs to help celebrates some fantastic news: Krista Lafferty is engaged! For many of you, you may know Krista as the advertising rep here in Rancho Santa Fe. She is also a member of the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Club. For me, she has been my friend for six years, and I am proud to say I couldn’t be more thrilled to hear this wonderful new development in her life. Her now fiancé Mike Confer wined and dined Krista at Donovan’s in San Diego. He asked her to close her eyes … and when she opened them, he was holding the ring! The good news is Krista said yes, and Robin and I were thrilled to help them celebrate at Mille Fleurs later on that evening. I know I should be sharing a photo of them, but I had to share one with the two of us. For me, the newspaper business has really been a blessing. Thanks Krista for six years of friendship, fun times. You deserve much happiness.
On Dec. 6, I picked up one of my favorite Christmas stories that I try to re-read each year, “Silver Bells,” by my favorite author, Luanne Rice. If you are looking for that perfect holiday read, this novel is truly a treasure. The story is about a family from Canada that goes to New York each Christmas to sell freshly cut Christmas trees. The father and son team are separated by circumstances on Christmas, leaving the young teenage boy as a runaway in the city. The beautiful novel moves gracefully with lovely characters, heart and with Christmas tradition, forcing you to turn the pages as quickly as you can to see how this holiday family story will end. Hallmark even made a television movie out of it starring Anne Heche and Tate Donovan, which I have not seen. Of course, read the book first. Luanne Rice books make great gifts, too, for this holiday season.
Correction: In my Dec. 3, 2010, column I had shared some exciting news about Sheila Malek at Ellie’s Tailoring Shop just around the corner in Encinitas. I have a correction on the two websites I listed. Please make note that these are the correct website listings: and Don’t forget to also check out her shop for her jewelry selection for a gift idea his holiday season, renting your tux for that big party or any alterations.


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