Local woman celebrates 100th birthday

SAN MARCOS — Julia Krutlies of Lake San Marcos will celebrate her 100th birthday on Dec. 24. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Krutlies and her husband, the late Martin Krutlies, moved to California in 1993 to be near their family.
Living in Lake San Marcos, Krutlies was active in the Women’s Fellowship League and her parish church, where she made rosaries for the missions in Mexico. She was a regular participant at the San Marcos Senior center yoga classes and bingo games. Her new volunteer work is crocheting hats for the babies at Tri-City Hospital. Krutlies attends Americare Health Care Center in San Marcos where she participates in the many activities they offer.
Her most favorite thing to do is to eat at her son-in-law’s restaurant where spare ribs is the main menu. She enjoys her garden and having family and friends visit.
She will be featured on the “Today Show” on NBC on Dec. 22 announcing her special day.


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