Quilt Vision not your grandmother’s quilt

OCEANSIDE — The “Quilt Vision 2010: No Boundaries” exhibit at Oceanside Museum of Art opened Oct. 24 with 39 unique quilts that range in style from abstract to representational.
“It’s not your grandmother’s block set pattern,” Velda Newman, winner of the Quilts Japan Award for “Zinnia,” said. “They’re edgy. You see a lot of different things you wouldn’t think of as a quilt. All different kinds of fabrics and threads.”
Quilts on display show current trends that feature digital work and surface design such as dye, paint and embroidery. “It’s almost a survey of what’s happening in the quilt world,” Sharon Bell, winner of the Friends of Fiber Art International Award for “Waterfall,” said.
Techniques include machine-made and hand-stitched quilts that stretch as big as 8 feet by 18 feet. “My own design is very minimal,” Bell said. “That’s how I work. There’s a lot of machine quilts. I still enjoy working with my hands.”
More than 600 quilts were submitted for consideration from American and international artists. The final selection has an appeal to artists, collectors and art appreciators.
“Artists look to see what technique is used,” Bell said. “Artists know each other and see how the work is growing and changing.”
“Collectors look for the maturity of the artist,” Bell said. “They are looking someday to get their investment back.”
The Quilt Vision exhibit is on display through March 13. On Jan. 22, the Afternoon with the Experts tour will give visitors detailed insight about the quilts


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