Vet’s widow walks for those who can’t

COAST CITIES — Diane Musselmann, the widow of disabled veteran Kenneth Musselmann, will lead a 90-mile, six-day walk through North County to raise awareness and donations for the first national memorial dedicated to the disabled veterans from all wars, The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial.
“Walking For Those Who Can’t” is the theme of Musselmann’s walk, which kicks off Oct. 18, at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Long Beach and ends on Oct. 23 at the V.A. Medical Center in San Diego. Pushing her late husband’s wheelchair the entire way, Musselmann will be joined by active members and veterans of the Armed Forces along the route, and will stop to speak with spectators about the importance of supporting the Memorial. The route will take Musselmann through Camp Pendleton, Carlsbad and Del Mar.
Musselmann served with her late husband, a double amputee, in many local and national leadership positions in organizations that impact the quality of life for millions of disabled American veterans. She continues to effectively advocate for the rights of disabled veterans on important issues including education, training, services, financial assistance and a responsive healthcare system. Based on her experience, she believes that what happens on Capitol Hill and in State Houses across the country directly affects the lives and livelihood of more than three million disabled service men and women and their families.
She will blog about her experiences throughout the walk at To make a donation to the memorial, visit Musselmann’s Memorial Ambassador page at


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