Lowery is not independent

Quid pro quo is defined as “one thing in return for another.” This occurs between the Oceanside Firefighter’s Association, or OFA, and Councilman Chuck Lowery.
During the 2008 election the OFA and other public employee unions funded approximately $200,000 for Lowery, Wood and Sanchez to gain control of the City Council.
Lowery lost and the OFA initiated a Special Recall election in December 2009 backed by Lowery, Wood and Sanchez. This trio, the OFA and other union allies spent approximately $250,000 against Councilman Jerry Kern to get Lowery elected before their contract expired. The taxpayers saw through this union power-grab and overturned their efforts soundly. This episode cost the taxpayers $506,000 that we’ll never get back.
Lowery lost again, so they decided he should run again in the June election claiming to be “Independent of special interests.”
After winning by 183 votes, Lowery’s first order of business was to pay back the OFA with salary and benefit increases, costing taxpayers $143,000 this year and $543,000 per year after that, making them the highest paid in the county.
OFA is funding Lowery’s election again and other services will be cut if he’s elected because of this quid pro quo.
No on Lowery!

Helen Patterson


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