Microchip brings dog home after six months

COAST CITIES —— A happy reunion between the Garcia family and their beloved male beagle, Bandit, took place Sept. 29 at the County Animal Shelter in Carlsbad.
On Sept. 27, a Good Samaritan contacted the Department of Animal Services after finding the beagle running loose in the Santa Ysabel area. Bandit had vanished from the Garcia’s home in the Paradise Hills in March of this year. How the dog ended up in Santa Ysabel remains a mystery, but officials suspect someone brought the dog there from the San Diego area.
As is the normal procedure, the dog was scanned for a microchip and one was detected. Animal Services staff then contacted the microchip company to obtain the owner’s information. Gil Garcia, the incredulous dog owner, was immediately notified and arrangements were made for the family to pick up the dog at the County Animal Shelter in Carlsbad.
“Having your animal microchipped is a painless procedure that truly does ensure that your pet has a ticket home,” said Dawn Danielson, Director of the Department of Animal Services.
The Department of Animal Services strongly encourages all pet owners to have their animals’ microchipped as a form of positive identification and to register the microchip with both the company and the animal shelter.
Microchips can be obtained at all three of the county animal shelters every Thursday from 1 to 3 p.m. Dogs must have a current license or the owner must purchase one at the time in order to obtain the microchip. For more information on microchips and other services, visit the Department of Animal Services web site at www.sddac.com.


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