Rape and kidnapping story a hoax

ENCINITAS — A news frenzy that shook up the low-crime beach town of Encinitas and beyond has taken a new turn after a San Dieguito Academy student who claimed to be raped by three men has confessed to making the story up, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.
The latest news came after sketches of the alleged rapists had been posted and printed through media outlets countywide.
On Sept. 24, the 15-year-old female reported that she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by three men while walking home from school at the 800 block of Melba Road.
Reports say that the girl claimed the abuse by the men took place while they drove around neighborhoods with her inside of the white sedan they used to kidnap her in.
She then claimed to be dropped back off at her school.
Capt. Sherri Sarro of the Encinitas station said in a release that after an extensive investigation into the facts it was learned the victim had actually been in contact with an adult male online who picked her up on Sept. 24 during her last class at school.
The victim was then taken to an undisclosed location where the two engaged in sex, before she was dropped back off at her school, according to Sarro.
Reports say the victim was ashamed and embarrassed of meeting someone online, after having been forewarned of Internet dangers by her parents.
Twenty-year-old Jose Adrian Cano of Vista was arrested Sept. 28 in connection to the case.


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