Pot growers join Teamsters union

OAKLAND — The Associated Press reports that medical marijuana growers have joined the Teamsters union.
AP reported that the Teamsters added nearly 40 new members by organizing the first unionized marijuana growers union in the U.S.
What is still unknown is how the Teamsters will protect the rights of members whose work is considered a federal crime.
“I didn’t have this planned out when I became a Teamster 34 years ago, to organize marijuana workers,” said Lou Marchetti, who acted as a liaison between the growers and Oakland-based Teamsters Local 70. “This is a whole new ballgame.”
Their newly negotiated two-year contract provides them with a pension, paid vacation and health insurance. Their current wages of $18 per hour will increase to $25.75 an hour within 15 months, according to the union.


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