Master composter course offered

ENCINITAS — A master composter course will be held on five consecutive Mondays, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. beginning Sept. 27, at 137 N. El Camino Real. Optional field trips will be discussed the first day of class. The class is sponsored by the city of Encinitas and the Solana Center for Environmental Innovation.
The class provides in-depth training in the art and science of composting and how to teach it to others. Certification depends on class attendance and completion of 30 hours of community outreach. People of all ages and abilities are encouraged to apply.
The course cost is a $30 material fees and the purchase of the course book “The Complete Compost Gardening Guide” by Pleasant & Martin. An application is required. To download an application or find out more information about the class, visit or call (760) 436-7986, ext. 225.


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