Plenty happening in Ranch as summer winds down

Sometimes the best news in town are those stories you might have missed if you didn’t check in with your local gossip columnist. With only positive words and fabulous photos, I have found some inside stories this week you don’t want to miss. Summer is winding down. There are many new developments here in Rancho Santa Fe. Find out this week who hosted the Rossmore Cup at the San Diego Polo Club for the second year in a row, which local celebrity resident will be leaving town and what movie is a “must-see” before it leaves the theaters. “Everyone has a story to tell.” Have you seen that T-shirt? Well, the same is true for this week’s column.
Around town
On Aug. 9, I stopped by Lemon Twist to visit my husband, Robin Shull. If you haven’t heard, Lemon Twist was the only business to burn down in Rancho Santa Fe during the Witch Creek Fires back in 2007. Owner Katie Shull had opened Lemon Twist more than 30 years ago before there was ever a Cielo or the Crosby Estates.
We are all so happy to announce that Lemon Twist is finally coming back and has almost completed the rebuilding of their business. Strawberries are just about out of season, so if you want them fresh, here is the place to find them. Open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Robin is there all day to help you find any organic citrus, freshly picked strawberries, melons and more. If you would like chocolate covered strawberries, check out for more details. And you might even catch me there on occasion helping customers choose fruits to bring home to their family.
On Aug. 22,  I received a phone call from Cindy Sengo, one of my dear friends. She had just attended a wonderful party, which featured custom-made headbands and antique jewelry. With the latest trend in fashion being a woman’s hottest accessory, I had just had to reveal to my readers where they could find Ashlique Boutique accessories — at
Owners Monique Charboneau and Ashley Gallagher have developed a unique way for women to use interchangeable broaches that attach to magnets onto headbands. I heard that on the day of the party all of the guests received facials and enjoyed appetizers and wine, while designing their own headband to take home with them. Don’t forget to check out their website! It’s definitely an original.
On Aug. 27,  I visited one of my favorite places with my good friend Melissa Williams to wish Julien Hug good luck with opening his new restaurant in Palm Desert. Julien informed me the grand opening of Augusta Modern should be sometime this coming October. I snapped a delightful shot of two good friends that have supported each other in their careers over the last five years. I’m sure many Ranch residents would agree that they will miss seeing Julien at Mille Fleurs. So, stay tuned for when the grand opening is coming. I’m sure it will be an event you won’t want to miss.
On Aug. 28, I met my good friend Shannon Ehlers at the Del Mar Flower Hill. We caught an early matinee of “Eat, Pray, Love.” I must say, I had know idea how incredibly delightful this movie would be. Based on New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert’s personal memoir, this film follows one woman’s life as it comes undone and she rebuilds who she is again through travel and soul searching. Sometimes starting over can unearth wonderful insights for others as happened in this wonderful drama. Don’t miss this one in the theaters. It’s worth the ticket.
On Aug. 29, FINE Magazine hosted The Rossmore Cup at the San Diego Polo Club for the second year in a row. Fabulous dresses, polo ponies and a fashion show were all part of this exciting event. I have included three photos from that day. Featured is a picture of Ranch resident Marie Green, Laurie Alternbern and Heather Winfield, which sort of resembles that moment out of that famous polo scene in “Pretty Woman.” Local San Diego photographer Brent Haywood snapped these incredible photos. To see more photos from this exciting day, check out 
On Aug. 30, The Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Club meeting took place at the gorgeous Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. The featured speaker from that day was Wendy Patrick. Her speech focused on techniques to get along with difficult people. Chief Matt Wellhouser of the Rancho Santa Fe patrol was kind enough to send a photo from that day, which features Charles Limandri, Katie Hawkes and Greg Grajek. Thanks Matt!
Save the dates:
 On Sept.11, at Earth Song Book Store in Del Mar, bestselling author Charmaine Hammond will be signing books between 2 and 5 p.m. Her book “On Toby’s Terms” has received national attention. Jack Canfield of “Chicken Soup For The Soul,” said it’s a “simply beautiful book about life and purpose.”
Local well-known author and publisher Bettie Youngs will also be there for this special book signing in Del Mar. For more information, visit I can’t wait to go myself. It’s important to support our local bookstores!
On Sept. 24, at the Rancho Santa Fe Pharmacy gift store, local author Diane Welch will be signing first edition copies of “Lilian J. Rice: Architect of Rancho Santa Fe, California.” Diane has informed me that her book, “is a thorough account of this overlooked architect whose design artistry still beautifies the enclave of Rancho Santa Fe.” Don’t miss your opportunity to meet this critically acclaimed author during “Rancho Days.”


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