Letters: Sept. 10, 2010

O’side council needs new blood
After reading your article in The Coast News (“Five vie for two Oceanside council seats in November”) regarding the candidates running for Oceanside City Council, I decided I had to voice my opinion regarding the interview. The writer interviewed Chuck Lowery and Jerry Kern.
Chuck Lowery gave a summery of his accomplishments during his short time on City Council. It was very impressive. Then I read Jerry Kern’s appalling accomplishments serving on the Oceanside City Council since 2006. In the four years he spent on the council, he stated he was the deciding vote in keeping Oceanside Municipal Airport open in the beginning of his term.
He stated one of his best accomplishments was achieved when he got the City Charter on the ballot, and it passed. He is joking right? The City Charter was conceived in the middle of the night with special interest groups, and passed by Feller, Chavez and of course Kern (KFC).
Of course this was rammed down the throats of Oceanside residents before Chavez left to take another job. This was done before the voters of Oceanside had a chance to digest the law. We never had a chance to investigate the ramifications of this ill-conceived law. I’m sure had the headlines been in the paper regarding the city of Bell’s mishaps, having to do with their City Charter, Oceanside voters would never have voted for it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why this was put on the ballot in the first place. Kern, was blaming the Unions for the recall, and this was his way to get back at them. If this is the only accomplishment in four years of being on the City Council, why would we vote him in again? We need new blood on the Oceanside City Council, Chuck Lowery is a step in the right direction. I think we need more Chuck Lowerys to get things done.

Ilene Moir

Kudos for Mary’s in Oceanside
Cody, my grandson, arrived on Amtrak at the Oceanside transit center. He was starved and didn’t want a fast food place, rather a real restaurant. Mary’s Restaurant came to my mind, located across from the Civic Center.
The restaurant has large historic photos mounted of Oceanside on the walls. After ordering the biggest hamburger/fries plate they had, Mr. Hernandez took us around to show his latest acquisition of historic photos.
Cody had a good time and received some culture in the process. There is even a recognition of John Wayne and his movie contribution. What more can you ask for?

William Hart

Dalager should know right from wrong
We’ve seen it many times before. Politicians get into office, sometimes with the best of intentions, become puffed up with self-importance, and end up believing they are owed favors. Certainly what occurred in Bell, Calif., demonstrates what can easily happen when elected officials become enamored with power and when the public doesn’t pay attention until it’s too late.
Mayor Dan Dalager has often demeaned the public for seeking out information about what is going on in the city. For example, Dalager called city founder and Korean War veteran Bob Bonde, a “whiner” for questioning the city’s use of tax funds (October 2006). And in a December 2006 council meeting, Dalager questioned the motives of an individual requesting a copy of public records when he said “ … curiosity comes at a cost to the public. The question is, should the public subsidize certain people’s hobbies?”
Mayor Dalager seems to have lost his perspective on what is right and what is wrong. It’s time for him to acknowledge that he is obligated to serve ethically and that he is accountable to his constituents for his actions. Mayor Dalager should take the high road and withdraw his candidacy for re-election.

C.J. Minster

Barth an asset to the community

I first met Teresa and Don Barth at a Friends of the Cardiff-by-the-Sea Library meeting and they immediately became life members. Shortly after she joined the Cardiff Chamber board of directors where she was a valuable member and after retirement, she acted as office manager. She introduced Dog Days of Summer before leaving the board and still emcees the event each year, which has become tremendous success.
She also served as a director on the Friends of the Cardiff-by-the-Sea Library and as president for two years prior to her election.
Teresa has kept her campaign promises of keeping the public informed and has a website and sends out e-mail blasts alerting people to important issues. Her representation of our community shows “infectious enthusiasm.” I appreciate her friendship and her efforts to have open government for the people.

Irene Kratzer


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